Psychlona – Venus Skytrip

You know, what? Hindsight is a real son of a bitch in all respects. If I had only known that Psychlona had released a new album what has almost been five months at this point, I would’ve been on it like white on rice. Instead, the absolute deluge of other releases had blinded me – not that it was a bad thing! – and I had not realized its existence until its appearance on many a year-end list. It has been going on a few hours since I first sat down to listen to “Venus Skytrip”, and if my introduction to it was more timely, it would’ve easily found a home on my year-end list as well.

I remember hearing their debut, man. It was a great work of psychedelia in its own right, but there were still a few things to tweak before Pyschlona could become counted as one of the bands to take the scene by storm, in my opinion. That was at the ass-end of 2018 with this being put out not even two years later. In every fucking way imaginable without a single exception and an increase from every angle that can be considered no less than exponential, Psychlona fucking killed it! Whatever it was they tweaked in those short two years, they did it with surgical precision and deadly accuracy that help made “Venus Skytrip” the powerhouse of top-tier psych-rock that it is in its entirety as it was the achievement that enabled the name of Psychlona swipe to all corners of the scene. Any of these eight fuzz-wreathed tracks could’ve been selected as a single in promotion for this album and they all would’ve been extremely effective as they’re all overflowing with riffs, psychedelia that is no less than untouchable and captivating, musicianship that you’d expect to see much further on than a band’s sophomore full-length, soaring melodies and gripping pulses from the strings, vocals that are damn near perfection, and a quality that is simply all-encompassing in every respect. In every fashion, “Venus Skytrip” is one of the absolute winners of 2020’s war of all things psychedelic. It’s the very definition of a work that never once lets you go once you slip into its grasp, and there isn’t a single second of what Psychlona has put forth here that will leave your consciousness any time soon no matter what you do. As if any person would want this out of their head.

I could sit here and be flustered at me being late to the party that Psychlona has been running for months now, but I’m just happy to finally join it! There’s not much more I could say about even if I wanted to and even then there’s only one simple truth about “Venus Skytrip”: it’s a godly work that shows us Psychlona are not to be ignored with their material being some of the best in the scene without question.

LISTEN to “Venus Skytrip” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Psychlona on Facebook here.

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