Phase Transition – Relatively Speaking

To create an enthralling piece of progressive metal is to think outside of the box in an already out-of-the-box style. It’s incredibly difficult to do even though the style is prime real estate for innovation given its very nature, but many bands find themselves in the trap of not doing anything progressive whatsoever and just repeating the same tricks over and over again. It can often feel like it’s regressive rather than progressive, but it’s with newer acts coming out of the woodwork like Phase Transition that show me the style is far from out of quality names to throw our way.

If I could choose any single word in an attempt to embody many progressive albums that I’ve heard in my time including what Phase Transition has done on their debut it could only be “colorful”. If that doesn’t conjure a very specific image to any rock or metal fan then I don’t know what will as I truly cannot fathom a more befitting word for the style with it being far too accurate for everything that’s done within “Relatively Speaking”. The debut does more than enough to fit the image of its cover to the point where it feels extremely accurate to a tremendous degree with the ensuing music material the likes of which I can’t deny saying that I enjoyed it greatly as it delivers virtually everything that progressive metal should provide. Granted, there is a small amount of a rough exterior to be had here given it is Phase Transition’s debut EP, but that makes the glorious shine of “Relatively Speaking”, which is a very, very large portion of the almost 30-minute runtime. The vocals are simply exquisite as the instruments do a spectacular job at taking us at cruising speed through the gorgeous cosmos that’s being woven delicately in every moment to allow the overall experience that is “Relatively Speaking” an EP that does nothing but promise to us that Phase Transition has more than enough talent to craft a fantastic work of progressive metal that can really lure us in. Hell, you could easily argue that they’ve already done that here, but I know they can do better than this. It’s all there with the pieces placed deliberately in every moment, but should the image just be refined by the pieces put together seamlessly then I know for a fact that “Relatively Speaking” will be seen as the first sign of excellence that we should’ve paid more heed to.

This EP is the very definition of a stepping stone for the likes of Phase Transition who have already done better than many other established acts several albums in, if you ask me, and it is hopefully with not too much that we will see this act return to us with a bigger, better, and much more colorful effort the likes of which will surely be no less than blinding. But, until then, “Relatively Speaking” is plenty to scratch that itch for classy progressive metal with satisfaction only to be had by what Phase Transition has crafted here.

LISTEN to “Relatively Speaking” via YouTube here.

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