Abiotic – Ikigai

To see any band of even mild renown go on hiatus can be a devastating thing for us fans since that can often mean that it will be several years before we hear more from the band, but that isn’t always the case, thankfully. We’ve lost so many different names for well over a decade due to taking hiatuses for many different reasons, and I don’t think it’s crazy to say that many felt that Abiotic was going to be gone for much longer than four years. Yet, they defied that notion to an extreme degree as they return with what could be considered their great effort to date.

The very return of Abiotic is enough to get anybody who knows their tech-death exciting for what’s to come next as this name belongs at the damn near the top of the style in virtually every single way, but it is with the entirety of “Ikigai” that these guys have created something that is unanimously godly. With the whole of “Ikigai” bouncing around all over the place when it comes to the lyrical content, instrumental prowess, untouchable musicianship, and rock-solid reputation that holds fast with this crowning achievement, Abiotic does no less than demolish so much of the competition as their expertise and mastery over the style in a way that we’d expect from the likes of other legends like Vale of Pnath, Symbolik, Inferi, and many others which gives even more credence as to why Abiotic deserves to have a shot at the throne of technical death metal. “Ikigai” truly grabs you by the throat and keeps reeling you in with every passing minute whether it comes in the form of haunting vocals whose pain you can feel in your very soul, excellence that is pouring out of each of the instruments that show us the true beauty of this creation, guests whose additions feel no less than titanic, or literally any other factor of “Ikigai” coming together in order to allow this experience to mold into something that is not only magnificent but gripping and rewarding to an immense degree!

Abiotic was already known for their quality long before this, but it is undeniably with “Ikigai” that they’ve elevated themselves and their brand of technical death metal to a level that is not to be ignored if we’re to consider the best of the style in all of 2021. A bold and almost foolish statement so early in, I know, but Abiotic has crafted something whose power cannot be denied and I know for a fact that myself along with legions as well will fall in love with what has been accomplished with “Ikigai”.

“Ikigai” releases on February 12th via The Artisan Era!

LISTEN to advanced songs from “Ikigai” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Abiotic on Facebook here.

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