Lam – Liber K

When the quarantines started going around the world, it was a truly dark time for the vast majority of us who felt like we had nothing to do, but, lucky for us, the musicians never stopped in their toiling. What better situation could they have to collaborate with others, create new material, and experiment with such a natural flow that is all but interrupted? Musicians did their best to turn such a harrowing event around as much as they could with many new bands coming out of it as well, and it’s with their debut EP that Lam gives us another glimpse into a quarantine-borne work that really does hit the right in all the right spots.

Alternative metal isn’t exactly something that many people take to being angry music that actually works if its reputation among many metal communities is to be understood. But, when it’s done right the music can become something that really kicks ass and succeeds where many others fail at being a cathartic force that rather comes across as something catered specifically to angsty teens who don’t know shit about shit. In every way, Lam has elevated its performance above that to raise “Liber K” as a creation that truly embodies the global situation that it was raised in to an interesting degree as you can really feel the catharsis behind every facet of each of these three tracks to where if you fall into them properly, I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out feeling a shred cleaner in the soul. And even if all that wasn’t a factor, Lam still managed to pull off an alternative metal experience that definitely holds up to be more than fuel for the angsty. Each piece of “Liber K” have flavors all their own to make the overall EP a surprisingly diverse work as you can feel the band exploring their options and making the best that they can out of a sound that gets a bad rep all too often, and that makes it all the better when they smash expectations to make “Liber K” into a debut that’s equally unrelenting and undeniable in many forms.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have initial doubts before diving into this record, but I couldn’t be anymore pleasantly surprised to say that my expectations were certainly demolished by the end of this quick-fire EP in a way that makes me very hopeful for what Lam is capable of in the future. While they still have a ways to go before becoming something to really raise the eyebrows and steal my breath, “Liber K” is in no way a work of alternative metal that’s to be skipped on with you being a damned fool should you be into this sound and have this effort fly right by.

“Liber K” releases on February 11th!

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