Demon King – The Final Tyranny

The supernova-like explosion of technical death metal in the last few years has been an absolute joy to experience for any of us who are able to fall into what these bands are putting out, and it’s staggering to realize that we’re still very much in a wave of glory for the style that doesn’t seem to end even after so many different cases of utter magnificence. It feels like every week there’s a new name to know that we can’t leave untouched for it’d be a massive crime upon all that the style is, and Demon King more than qualifies!

Before tonight, I have never sat down, looked at an album that I was ready to get into and feel physically disappointed. It was such a surprise to me as I truly was not expecting it whatsoever, but after hearing the single and seeing “The Final Tyranny”, it felt as though my soul had been mercilessly bisected. Not because Demon King raised my expectations only to destroy them – no! – but, rather, the simple fact that this is an EP with that meaning that this is a short offering. I was so ecstatic to hear more from this brand new band out of Tennessee (I need Nashville to be overrun by tech-death right now) that I was ready and amping myself up for an eight, nine, or ten-song tracklisting, so to see just four tracks left a trench in my chest, but that was quickly replaced by aural majesty the likes of which only technical death metal could ever produce. With a sound that is tinged in black metal and absolutely swimming in the knowledge of what it takes to make a fascinating work of this style, Demon King’s debut is no less than monolithic in its more “restrained” moments and downright terrifyingly striking when “The Final Tyranny” gives us a glimpse of its true power. The reality of this being Demon King’s debut is simply melting my brain for I have sunk hours into this tremendous work at this point with the entirety of it being a barrage that has so much to sink our teeth into, and I truly cannot wait to see what else this name is capable of if this is the first fucking thing that they were able to conjure up for release! So many bands need at least a couple of releases to work up to something like this, but Demon King pulling this off right out of the gate speaks volumes to the potential that we’re playing with here.

A tremendous debut from the world of technical death metal is a theme that I’ve been finding myself becoming attached to more and more over the past year with no end in sight, and I cannot think of a better band to be carrying it into 2021 than Demon King for such a bombastic entry is no less than gripping in the simplest explanation. There are many names in this ever-expanding world of chaos that we need to keep several sharp eyes on, and “The Final Tyranny” has given us four undeniable reasons as to why Demon King has more than earned a spot on that list.

“The Final Tyranny” releases on February 12th via The Artisan Era!

LISTEN to the single, “Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Demon King on Facebook here.

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