Mortal Terror – Bite of the Underdog

When it comes to different styles of metal keeping their respective old schools wide open for business is far from uncommon as it feels like everything from the classic days of doom, death, black, and everything else in between has legions of names that are performing those classic sounds for us to continuously experience today. But, there are very few sounds that embody that idea as well as thrash with its sound remaining largely unchanged for decades now even with different innovators coming and going. With their latest effort, Mortal Terror gives us a great reason why it continues to work so gloriously.

I wouldn’t blame anyone who found modern thrash uninteresting given how the creative curve of the style, when it’s not mixed with any other style, has been quite flat for a very long time now, and it can often feel like a very bad form of stagnation. Yet, that couldn’t be any further from the case as we continue to see promising acts pop up time after time throughout the underground to give us whiplashing experiences the likes of which we can truly sink our teeth into as the legacy of thrash lives on in these fresh names. With Mortal Terror, that couldn’t be any more true. That classic sound wreathed in delectable speed is on full display in every track of “Bite of the Underdog” as we’re constantly assaulted by undeniable riffage and a tremendous ferocity that really knows how to let the album sinks its teeth into our flesh properly in order to drive home a true thrash experience the likes of which never gets old. Mortal Terror knows exactly what they’re going for and how to do it as well with these eight tracks ranging from plenty of tasty subjects that the style has become known for from condemning war, having a damn good time, telling people to simply go fuck themselves, and everything else in between to make “Bite of the Underdog” not just an album that embodies the style in an aural sense but in every other area as well. Quickly, the true bite of “Bite of the Underdog” is shown to be both vicious and hungering in all of its power as Mortal Terror does no less than deliver thrash that is nigh on irresistible for it is the exact kind of thrash that many of us are constantly looking for.

With classic styles still performed today, it can often feel like they’re all easy to pull off when they’re just as difficult as anything fresh that may be produced together with quality and talent being extremely high when it comes to necessary factors for a good effort. In no small way, Mortal Terror has achieved all of that and then some to make “Bite of the Underdog” a release that I cannot help but recommend to anyone who’s been looking for that delicious speed that can’t be found anywhere else but thrash metal.

LISTEN to “Bite of the Underdog” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mortal Terror on Facebook here.

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