Domo – Domonautas Vol. 2

Any band that is able to properly take their brand of music and stretch it right out to include songs that reach over ten minutes in length while then proceeding to make it work magnificently is worth massive investigation in my eyes. It’s a concept that I’ve been fascinated with for years now with it being my firm belief that it takes a special band to be able to do it right even in styles where it’s more common than others. The many different corners of psych-rock are where I’ve always hoped to see more of it, but it’s a lot rarer than one might think with glorious acts like Domo being one of a few that dare to execute it with the ending result being no less than masterful.

There has been a very small and exclusive list of bands out there between metal and rock that have performed in such a way that they could be tagged as something akin to a heavier version of certain eras of Pink Floyd with it all being done very well, but I’m about to make a bold statement: Domo almost effortlessly tops most, if not all, of them. It’s all there, and I’d love to argue with someone to say otherwise. The drawn-out nature of the four experiences that make up “Domonautas Vol. 2” stretch over the saturated horizon to truly capture the listener’s imagination and attention on an unparalleled scale that not only introduces us to colors heretofore unfathomed and visions between worlds that shake the soul to its core, but it leaves an impression like incredibly few others. It’s such that by the end of this cosmic-drenched album that is effortless to see that Domo is a massive cut above the rest where a 15-minute song feels all too short with the rich atmospheres and gripping craftsmanship engaging with the mind so well that you’ll be dragging yourself back to it just so that you can get another hit of the glory that Domo is dolling out in every single second of “Domonautas”. Psychedelia that’s nigh on intoxicating is far from a new thing of any sorts when it comes to its very long and glorious relationship with rock music, but it hits on a different and very special level with the way Domo executes it all to make this potentially one of the need-to-know works of psychedelia that we’ve gotten in recent months, maybe even years, for its beauty is too great to suffer from the curse of not being heard.

This style has seen many different iterations in recent years in particular, and it is undoubtedly here with Domo that we see it come to another beautifully glorious head in no less than stunning fashion. To lose yourself in this second volume of what Domo is capable of is to fall into psychedelia the likes of which cannot be understated in its grandeur, and it’s absolutely something that will need to be revisited over and over again to be properly appreciated.

LISTEN to “Domonautas Vol. 2” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Domo on Facebook here.

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