Dungeon Weed – Mind Palace of the Mushroom God

If you were to look at the doom scene as a whole, you would almost immediately notice some trends. Whether they be related to the sound itself between albums or the similarities between band names with words like weed, mammoth, wizard, and bastard (see Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), we can all agree that there are plenty of trends that plenty like to follow. Like all trends, they can all be done well if put in the right hands, and it’s sometimes in the unsuspecting hands that it can become something quite excellent.

It’s more often than not that we see bands trying to go against norms in order to create something new that can blindside listeners in a way that’ll capture their imagination to keep them coming back for that unique formula that isn’t quite like anything else, but a trend done well is undoubtedly a job well done, and that’s on full display with the debut from Dungeon Weed who dives headfirst with true earnest into so many of the trends that doom has been making for itself over the years. There’s no hiding that fact in these six tracks as the entirety of “Mind Palace of the Mushroom God” puts it all on the table without seeking to hide a single shred of what their true goal is from the masses that find themselves lost in the fog-wreathed riffs and fuzz-tinged mushrooms that are found everywhere in this experience. Dungeon Weed does an exemplary job at keeping the listener entertained with this thrilling listen despite the fact that this is so much of what we’ve heard before from dozens of acts, but to see this debut rise above many other efforts really shows off what this name is capable of on just their first attempt, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see this pandemic-born band rise above the quality of “Mind Palace of the Mushroom God” to craft something even deadlier.

This band has already more than proven their worth with this spirited release that’s just as carefree as it is monstrous with its heaviness of all kinds, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be shocked to see Dungeon Weed’s name crawling across the scene like a slow but well-calculated wildfire that the listeners would eat right up. The very essence of “Mind Palace of the Mushroom God” is what many are looking for out of this style for many different reasons with each and every single one of them being done tremendous justice with what’s been accomplished.

LISTEN to “Mind Palace of the Mushroom God” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dungeon Weed on Facebook here.

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