BruteAllies – Ash and Nails

Simplicity can often be the greatest tool that any band of any style can wield. It’s what drags many people into the new single on the radio or what keeps us listening to an album that’s filled with simplistic but satisfying riffage. Death metal is a style that has always been subject to that ideal ever since its inception, and it shows no sign of wavering with the incredibly melodic sectors of the style that it has found a home like no other. But even then, it’s the simplest deliveries in that area of the style that can be surprisingly potent like what we’ve gotten here from BruteAllies.

This is one of those acts that feel quite cookie-cutter at first glance, but it is once you dive into what they have to offer that you come to realize that even though BruteAllies’s sound is something that we have definitely heard before from many acts, their sound is definitely their own without leeching off another, larger band. But it’s once you get past that sort of thing that you realize that BruteAllies is really here to deliver one thing: death metal that is so melodic it’s downright captivating. That’s such a simple concept that it’s almost boring when you think about it, but “Ash and Nails” is anything but. It’s the exact sort of material that you’ll hear at least once with its immediate jams being something that you latch onto, sink your teeth into, and then release to move on to the next meal whenever you please, yet the hooks stay in your back as BruteAllies has borrowed multiple earworms into your skull to keep their music on your head, and that’s where they truly succeed. Melody has long been used to keep the attention of listeners, and it’s a common goal amongst musicians to create music that is stuck in the head of whoever listens to your music and it’s in the realm of melodic death metal that the style at large sees this done more often than anywhere else. And while it can be that BruteAllies leaves you wanting a little more from “Ash and Nails” as a whole, it’s hard to deny that BruteAllies has still made something that is captivating and hard-hitting right from the very beginning in every right to immediately make it something worth looking into.

It’s not often that that simplest approaches are the best, but damn if they aren’t effective if they’re put into the right hands. The hands of BruteAllies are plenty capable when we take this work into consideration, and it’s through the undeniable rhythms and gripping hooks that I cannot help but feel that there are many more tricks up this band’s sleeves than what they lay forth for “Ash and Nails”.

LISTEN to “Ash and Nails” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE BruteAllies on Facebook here.

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