Funeral Winds – Essence

It’s not very often that we can find ourselves bands that have been around since a time that was extremely short after the creation of an entire style, and it’s with black metal that we occasionally get such a treat. Seeing landmark bands like that still thriving after over thirty years now is a treat all on its own, but when it comes with quality that still shows no signs of wavering then it’s something special in every right. Funeral Winds is a name that is justifiably revered, but it’s far too often that people don’t mention the name enough. With the act’s fifth full-length on the horizon, what better time is there for the band to properly take the spotlight?

I would be absolutely immolated by the community at large if I were to even think about insinuating that the traditional sound of black metal has waned to a point that bands like Funeral Winds need to come around every few years to remind us what it was like in those early days. The classic sound is something that legions of bands have done their best to keep alive with more than a lot doing it immense justice, but there’s something about a name that’s been around as long as Funeral Winds doing it that makes it much more flavorful somehow. But even then, if you’ve heard that classic-era chaos that is so scathing it instantly boils the blood then you’ve heard everything that Funeral Winds has accomplished with “Essence” with that name being much more fitting than we may know when it comes to the very spirit of black metal. “Essence” does nothing to shake things up in the corner that Funeral Winds occupies for it has been well-defined for decades now, and it’s showing no signs of change with quality not being something that has faded in the slightest. Just to dive into this record is to cover your entire body, mind, and soul in an immensely unholy black flame that does not diminish until all Life and Light has been sucked out before Satan himself, and the execution of it all throughout this work couldn’t be any more delectable. It feels tailor-made for any black metal fan out there who can never get enough intensity out of the style even as we’re far from a drought of any kind with the traditional black metal sound. There’s a certain weight to what’s been done here that simply cannot be firmly placed as to how it came to be or why it’s so damn potent, but with it being Funeral Winds plunging that spear into our cores then I cannot think of a single reason to defy the god-defying might that’s on constant display in these nine blood-drenched tracks.

This is the exact kind of record that thousands of bands out there in the vast reaches of the black metal underground are trying to achieve for “Essence” truly has everything going for it even if you ignore the rich tapestry that Funeral Winds has crafted over the many years. Should you find yourself wanting that classic black flame the likes of which is ever so hard to find in its proper form even amongst an ocean of those who seek to create it, then it is fittingly with Funeral Winds and “Essence” that you simply cannot go wrong in any form.

“Essence” releases on January 8th via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Essence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Funeral Winds on Facebook here.

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