Praÿ – Hemerith

  When I first heard Praÿ what felt like several years ago (only two in actuality), I was pleasantly surprised by what the band was able to bring to the table that still very much holds up in a somewhat niche style that continues to carve out its own greatness in the greater scene as well as my soul. Instrumental rock like this is no less than intoxicating and greatly rewarding even in its smaller moments, and it is with this EP that Praÿ has capitalized on that even further to bring us a 20+ minute effort that is everything I could’ve asked for.

An EP is something that you can do a lot with despite relatively little time, but it is here in the case of “Hemerith” that Praÿ pulls it off tremendously well in every aspect in such fashion that it can only be considered the natural evolution from what we saw on their eponymous debut with every factor being delicious. The gripping intoxication element is dangerously high for the entirety of these two tracks as Praÿ do no less than hold the attention of the listener with intense fervor to where turning away from the fascinating work is all but impossible as “Hemerith” is a grand example of what it means to do instrumental rock well while delivering two extremely effective lessons in how well-done heavy psych can keep you planted in your seat in absolute awe without question, and Praÿ is a dignified instructor like few others. Their sound was already exemplary to begin with, but it is here in what’s practically no time at all that Praÿ has shown how much they’ve grown in such a small amount of time with a bombastic riff-filled performance that’s radiating with absolute glory being precisely what is to be found here, and it’s every ounce of that very creation which shows us just what kind of act we’re dealing with here.

From the very beginning, “Hemerith” promises greatness and it is surely just the start of what we’re to see from this band in the future. It’s a tremendous effort that does not give way for anything nor does it know how to disappoint with how infectious every atom of both songs are, and Praÿ thrives on that excellence along with us as, surely, they must be aware at what they’ve created.

LISTEN to “Hemerith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Praÿ on Facebook here.

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