Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron

When I was first getting into metal, I vividly remember that the first classic act that I first latched onto was that of Manowar. Their sound has had a massive impact on my taste as a metalhead, and that still proves all too true to this day as their brand of classic greatness is always a standard that I hold every up-and-coming heavy metal act to when considering how well they stack up. So far, it’s really only been Visigoth that has been able to hold a candle to watch they brought further, but it’s here with Eternal Champion that we see the name return with something even greater than their debut that more than offers a retort to the menacing reputation that many other legendary names hold over the heads of every burgeoning name.

While I am four years late to the hype train that came around for Eternal Champion’s debut, “The Armor of Ire”, I had always figured that the band had done more than enough to rise to the challenge of carrying the torch for the spirit of heavy metal itself given the community’s superb reaction to the effort, and it was upon seeing the news of this sophomore album that I refused to be left in the dust a second time. Upon diving into “Ravening Iron”, it was all but obvious right out of the gate that Eternal Champion has created something that should be considered a true beacon for the entire world of heavy metal. Truly, if there was to be a single album from all of heavy metal to lead us into the 2020s on an extremely high note then I cannot think of a better effort than this! It is every single factor of “Ravening Iron” that we see Eternal Champion rise leagues above their already tremendous start, but it’s from the intoxication element of all eight tracks that we see the very reflection of the classic days of heavy metal to the point where I can say with absolute confidence that if this album came out forty years ago then Eternal Champion would instantly be cemented as a name that shapes the very future of heavy metal, and it’s even today that I can still find confidence in such a statement. Everything needed to elevate Eternal Champion into something else entirely that the scene can follow for years, even decades, from now are all on constant display for each and every inch of “Ravening Iron” showing us that these guys have the riffs, the attitude, the passion, and the brilliance to do the very spirit of heavy metal enough justice to keep us fueled for years to come!

By the end of it all, you come to realize just how fantastic “Ravening Iron” is from beginning to the very end a modern classic that should absolutely be treated as such for everything that’s brought forth here is no less than staggering in many different areas in order to make it something that the whole world of heavy metal should be extremely proud of even just witnessing. It’s a record that is sure to leave its impact on the scene in a massive way, and there are very few things I can ask for that could’ve come out as massive as the entirety of this career-defining effort.

LISTEN to “Ravening Iron” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eternal Champion on Facebook here.

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