Decaying Days – The Unknown Beyond

A strong melodic factor is something that people are constantly gravitating towards across all the different styles in all of metal with how accessible it is right from the beginning, and it’s over the decades that bands have taken that concept and absolutely ran with it in order to create soundscapes that are getting increasingly more intoxicating than the last. Death metal has seen this taken to great effect, but it’s the additional fusion of doom into the mix that can make for something truly special. With their sophomore effort, Decaying Days does nothing but bring absolute glory to that idea.

What we have here within the confines of this eight-track album is what should easily be considered a work that manages to deliver both core styles, death and doom, in such striking fashion that it’s damn hard to argue that they’re not absolutely exquisite even in their most basic forms. Decaying Days immediately shows us that they have a clear and dominating understanding of their craft with everything about “The Unknown Beyond” from its utterly infectious melodies to the crushing intensity that’s done expertly throughout the album with everything else in between something that can’t simply be ignored by the listener for the pure fact that it is just far too delicious to let pass by. There’s a tremendous use of a good old slow burn for every song that is put on the table here as Decaying Days effortlessly shifts between the realms of death and doom metal in order to keep us guessing as to just what they’re going to dish out next which is almost foolish to wonder given how no matter what the result is going to be we’re going to be met with material that can only be described as excellent with how well everything came together in such smooth execution to grant us what can only be described as one of the best creations of death/doom that we have gotten in 2020 with it delivering excellence the likes of which the scene should not let go of easily for how well done here.

It’s with “The Unknown Beyond” that Decaying Days has started down a path that can only lead to more excellence the likes of which the death/doom community should not let slide under the radar for it has quality that is nigh on delicious in many of the forms that it comes in. The scene has been no less than exemplary when it comes to pumping out quality releases on a shockingly consistent basis, and Decaying Days should be more than proud that they can be considered among that very fine group of excellent musicians.

LISTEN to “The Unknown Beyond” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Decaying Days on Facebook here.

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