Farer – Monad

The implementation of noise into metal is, more often than not as far as I’ve noticed, something that tends to be left to the realms of black metal with the harsh sounds molding well together for a potent set of soundscapes that are more than interesting by all accounts. Primitive Man is the only act that comes to my mind when considering doom acts that infuse their style with noise by any capacity, so that means the niche style is ripe for aggressive expansion on a massive scale. With their debut, Farer more than lives up to the challenge.

With such a caustic idea like noise, one would normally expect unmitigated chaos of sound to be had in the great majority of works that we discover from one part of the album to the next, but that is, surprisingly, not the entire truth of what’s to be encountered within the 52-minute experience that is “Monad”. While it’s in the first few minutes of this work that I feel Farer is by far at their most scathing by many standards, the whole work that Farer has crafted here for their debut is something that should not be underestimated for it is the very sort of creation that once it finds a resting place in your brain, you’ll quickly find that it is nigh on onerous to remove due to its infectious nature. Everything about “Monad” is something that any willing initiate can find themselves immediately lost in as not only does Farer have complete and astonishing command over such a vicious sound. It’s from their weaponization of riffs, the deadly assault that they’re always campaigning with, and a tremendous understanding of this style despite how vacant it is when it comes to what bands inhabit the scene which instantly makes Farer pioneers for a sound with almost limitless potential, and it’s every facet of this record that shows us how true that is.

This is a debut that is as expansive it is menacing in its power, and I could not be any happier for what this creation has become. The musicians behind Farer are all accomplished in their own way before this release, but it is certainly with “Monad” that they’ve crossed a threshold that they should not only be very proud of but expect it to draw attention to them that is more than warranted. Of all the branching paths that the whole of doom encompasses, Farer is paving the way for a seldom-considered road that they are carving to their whim with not only an immense passion but deadly purpose.

LISTEN to “Monad” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Farer on Facebook here.

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