Moloch Conspiracy – The Inner Fear

It’s every now and then that we find ourselves in needing of a change. For me, when it comes to music, that need for change tends to come from hearing something different. Ambient has long been my go-to for that desired change with Moloch Conspiracy being a significant constant in that drive, but this time feels different. After all the shit that has been happening outside our doors, I started getting itches for something much more… mild in a way. Something that brought forth that constant state of existential dread that the outside has instilled in many of us, and it’s only fitting that Moloch Conspiracy achieved that with this new effort.

There’s something very satisfying about just putting the headphones on and listening to music. Or, let me be more specific since that’s something that many of us have done on multiple occasions. There’s something very satisfying about just putting the headphones on and falling into a body of work that can easily wrap its way around the mind. Moloch Conspiracy has been a master at that in the world of dark ambient, and it’s with the latest effort of “The Inner Fear” that we see the times we find ourselves living in staring back at us with intense scrutiny. It’s all throughout this work that Moloch Conspiracy has risen from its seemingly-endless well of trauma, influences, and dark corners of the world that we find ourselves wrapped in a thick cloak that feels as though it’s woven from the very sky itself, but it’s all lightless as “The Inner Fear” is constantly closing the walls in around you just slowly enough to allow that sense of claustrophobia to kick in, and it’s when it all comes to a head that the scene changes and you find yourself in another corner of darkness that Moloch Conspiracy diligently built piece by piece. This is a gentle but still razor-sharp journey that Moloch Conspiracy has crafted before, but “The Inner Fear” feels much more outward judging by the environments that we find ourselves in, and it’s the best proof there is to show us that Moloch Conspiracy is at the top of their game with an indisputable victory firmly in the name’s grasp.

Whether we find our minds flung between bubbling sewers of grime or under a grinding glacier whose lack of speed is only beaten by the continents themselves, the gorgeous displays are what have made Moloch Conspiracy so interesting since the act’s first effort. It’s no different here within “The Inner Fear” as we’re drawn even further into the realm which the name has been a respectable name for themselves.

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