Trup – KE

It’s hard to think about how any band could make the combination of death and black metal more chaotic in all of its glorious madness without making it tumbling down very swiftly. The addition of noise is something that many of us easily sneer away from just because once you hear noise, it’s hard to hear anything else other than glorified white noise. A lot of times that is true, but when it’s used strategically it can come across as something that can only be compared to watching a fire burn and wanting to see it grow purely to see what it does.

Any time I talk about noise, I feel like I’m talking about the musical equivalent of nothing. It’s true in a way, but, like every style of music that is out in the world, in order to truly see what the sound is capable of we need to see it put in the right hands. When I first heard Trup just last year, I knew that I had found something with potential as the band’s aggressive approach that felt as though they took the very concept of chaos and turned it up to a million, but it is this year that they have not only returned much quicker than I was expecting, they’ve delivered an album that feels almost far too fitting for these frustrating, chaotic, and increasingly maddening times that we find ourselves in. I was not suspecting whatsoever to find anything of the sort within the confines of “KE”, but it’s in the entirety of this 14-track, nearly 35-minute album that Trup has delivered something that feels like a calculated assault on sanity itself. Everything that’s brought forth here feels incredibly fascinating to witness even though the longer you inspect the inferno that Trup is constantly spreading you’ll find yourself getting burnt more and more, you can’t bring yourself to pull away just because the chaos has an allure that you cannot place. It’s inside of all that “KE” works in gripping riffs, murderous vocals, and an all too familiar taste for blood that really pulls you in before Trup makes the flames rise even higher. Yet, you still find yourself sitting there wanting to see where this particular brand of chaos takes itself as the fire seeks to consume itself as we get closer to the end of the album.

If Trup doesn’t have an immensely set of qualified hands to deal with this incredibly hostile brand of metal that is always seeking self-consumption after falling into an unsatiable appetite, then I really don’t know who does after listening to this album and having my ears bleed in the best way possible for hours. Right from the beginning, “KE” makes itself known to be something to be both respected and feared in its own respects, and if this is just the second album from what this band is capable of I’m truly curious to see how well they can do with the gift of time.

LISTEN to “KE” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Trup on Facebook here.

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