Fractal Generator – Macrocosmos

It’s in the burgeoning world of technical death metal that we’re consistently finding some of the best new acts of today in all of death metal. I will never get over how jam-packed the style is with insane talent and up-and-coming names that are almost all so noteworthy that it can often feel overwhelming as the flood never seems to end no matter what each year continues to throw our way. Fractal Generator was one name that got lost in the tsunami for me over the years, but it is single-handedly with this new effort that they’ve risen from the depths to bring us something that can only be considered as staggering in every possible form.

I can’t help but feel like it’s every few months, almost like clockwork, that we get a fresh work of technical death metal that feels as though it is cater-made for everyone interested in the style to fall in love with simply due to how massive it is in many ways. Just barely three months ago, it was Coexistence that blew my brains, Atræ Bilis not long before that, Abysmal Dawn even sooner before that, Inferi somewhere in the midst there, and so much more! How is it that this scene constantly produces such god-tier quality on a consistent basis? I do not know the answer, and, frankly, I don’t give a shit so long as we’re constantly being blown away by works of the exact sort that’s on full display throughout the grandeur that is “Macrocosmos”! It’s in every note that Fractal Generator brings forth here that I cannot help but lose myself in as this band shows us on their second full-length album after six years just what exactly they’re capable of when it’s done right, and there are few things that you could do in order to convince me that they could’ve created anything more staggering than what these visceral nine tracks bring to the table without fail on an extremely consistent basis. Fractal Generator are clear masters at laying the lure down in such an inviting way that no one could help but fall into the spacious crevices that are overflowing with intensity and complex instrumentation on a level that cannot be understated for “Macrocosmos” has so much going on in its microdimension of gloriously organized chaos that is so gratifying to fall into any number of times.

Fractal Generator has crafted something special here by all accounts to the point that I found myself in awe of what they had done, and it was only experiencing that excellence multiple time that I found myself realizing what I had just heard. That’s just a small taste of everything that “Macrocosmos” has to offer in all of its expansive wonders, and I can virtually guarantee that once you come out the other side of this album that you’ll be for sure that if there is to be the first essential stop of technical death metal in 2021, then this is that very album.

“Macrocosmos” releases on January 15th via Everlasting Spew Records!

LISTEN to the advanced single, “Macrocosmos”, via Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Fractal Generator on Facebook here.

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