Wombbath – Tales of Madness

There are many bands across this wide world that metal inhabits in all of its many forms, but it’s in the underground of death metal where we continuously find bands that are both far too alike and yet extremely unique in a number of ways. Wombbath is one of many acts that can considered the epitome of such a description. Their brand has been a familiar take on death metal, but there are few other acts that can be likened to what Wombbath creates since there’s always a unique fire going on in everything that this band does. It is upon their 30th anniversary that they’ve rolled the clock back to give us a glint of the past via modern execution, and it’s that exact hit that many of us have been needing!

I could’ve sat here for months on end and be convinced that the only retrospective album to cross my path that’s worthy of mention in recent times would be the latest from Dødsferd, but it’s from the equally classic and underground staple that is Wombbath that we’ve gotten this fresh retrospective work that really makes for a blast back in time for the underworld of death metal in a way that very few other creations might be able to encapsulate as what’s been done here. Yet, it’s every inch of “Tales of Madness” that teleport us back to a simpler time where Wombbath was just a footnote in the burgeoning death metal world, and these eight tracks are everything we need to be brought back when death metal was nothing short of being the most brutal creation on the planet. “Tales of Madness” even does us a service of introducing two brand new tracks at the end to satiate our ever-present lust for more Wombbath material while giving us modern recreations of the first song the band ever wrote, a re-recording of a classic, and everything in between. In every form, Wombbath has crafted a great listen that’s exactly the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from this act that still revels in that 90s sound in a way that very few others are able to recreate in a way that feels anywhere close to genuine like what’s on constant display here.

“Tales of Madness” may not offer much in the way of something new for fans new or veteran listeners of Wombbath, a name that I almost always find myself coming back to in one way or another, but there’s no way to deny that their talent and influence that has been accrued over the decades has come to a fantastic point to where we can finally stop, look back, and be no less than impressed at the tower of excellence that was built as we walked forward. Wombbath’s impact cannot be understated on the modern death metal landscape even as their career continues to march forward, and it’s in every one of these tracks that we witness that tower grow to become even grander to become something that’s no less than monolithic in all of its glory.

“Tales of Madness” releases on December 18th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Tales of Madness” on Bandcamp here

LIKE Wombbath on Facebook here.

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