Sarvok – Cabin in Space

The purpose of all music is to transport the listener into a realm where the creator has all but limitless control. It can be used to simply convey a message, or, like in the various worlds of ambient, it’s utilized to put us through an experience that we’re not likely to find elsewhere. A dark world that’s constantly drifting us through the corporeal and incorporeal is a theme that’s always present in much of dark ambient whether it’s intended or not, but it is with the debut from Sarvok that this creation can absolutely qualify as one of the most detailed works of its kind despite its seemingly minimalistic approach.

With just four tracks, it’s hard for any work of any style to get across a specific vibe much like craft an entire realm by the end of it all. That’s something that only an exceptional craftsman can bring together in order to deliver us into realms that are as expansive as they are mysterious, and if that’s not a pin-point accurate summary of everything that Sarvok is within “Cabin in Space” then I’m hard-pressed to know what is. The whole of this smoke-wreathed creation is the exact sort of dark ambient creation that instantaneously works its way under your skin as you’re left bewildered by the misshapen sights that Sarvok molds before your eyes and wondering where exactly the entity is guiding you. “Cabin in Space” is a brilliant showcase of someone who is clearly adept at crafting worlds whose visages are never quite clear for they can be interpreted in many different ways. For me, the whole of “Cabin in Space” molds together an experience that sees us drifting through the void in one track, seeing a great power rise from the darkness in another while the next sees its devastation in silent horror, and the dread of its very power being felt in the remainder. That’s just one course that this voiceless effort can take you down, though, for Sarvok has consciously made something that does not have any clear path for it could very well mean to be an anthology of the color-dotted void and what occurs therein, but, no matter what, it’s all but evident that “Cabin in Space” is a work that takes the very best of what dark ambient is capable of and absolutely runs with it to the fullest extent. In every way, that allows this four-track experience to become something so much more and stands out in a scene of other creators of worlds that coalesce into something both abhorrent and beautiful.

It’s not terribly often that I can find myself listening to a piece of ambient that I find to be all but quintessential for any fan of the style to sink their teeth into at any time, but I cannot resist doing that with Sarvok for everything here is just far too tantalizing to downplay even accidentally. The very dormant power that’s to be found within “Cabin in Space” is something to behold in every right and should we be looking for any top-tier works of the style that we’re to really lose ourselves to in the following months, then I cannot think of many better names to watch than that of Sarvok.

LISTEN to “Cabin in Space” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sarvok on Facebook here.

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