Gravehuffer – NecroEclosion

The evolution of any band is always something that is a topic of immense investigation for people like me where I constantly find myself coming back to bands that I haven’t heard in years to find them becoming something so much more than what I was expecting years prior. Gravehuffer has been a name I’ve kept an eye on in the three years since investigating the name, and while I haven’t covered anything from them since, their material has been noteworthy nonetheless. But, it’s with their upcoming full-length that Gravehuffer has made something that can be considered something more than interesting.

The real beauty of this release for me comes into play whenever we consider the transformation of Gravehuffer’s sound. Before, I’d liken it much more towards a much more aggressive and raw take on crossover thrash with a few inspirations from elsewhere coming into play. But, it’s single-handedly with “NecroEclosion” that we see this band take a route that I was truly not expecting, and in many ways, it surpasses what many others try to do when they attempt to expand their sound. It’s along with that shift that these eleven tracks are so raw that it peels away at the very layers of the listener’s skin yet done in such a fascinating way that I cannot but help finding myself bewildered by what’s before me as Gravehuffer brings together what feels like all of what extreme metal has to offer to create an experience that can be considered no less than the apex of scathing. Every inch of the acid bath that is “NecroEclosion” is overflowing with ungodly power that saps the life out of the very air with such tenacity and terrifying aggression that permeates everything that Gravehuffer brings to the table with extremely little reprieve to be had whether it’s a choice cut from a modern classic of a movie or something that made me unironically hope I was going to hear a Beejee’s-esque performance. It all quickly culminates to make the ferocious performances of “NecroEclosion” a display whose power cannot be denied nor understating in virtually every form, and I cannot be alone in believing that Gravehuffer has taken a gigantic step forward in every department from the songwriting to the various performances of each sound to the very attitude that becomes infused into every track that we wholly absorb here, and it’s hard to imagine it being anymore engrossing in its intoxication factor.

This is a release whose quality I was not expecting to see on such a high level whatsoever, but it’s so high with quality around every note that I cannot but think to myself what all this band is capable of, for if “NecroEclosion” is what Gravehuffer is truly capable of then I am left at a true loss for words when trying to consider what else they’re capable of. Given time and the right amount of effort to hone this deadly sound into something that can only be classified as something lethal, who’s to say what this band isn’t capable of?

“NecroEclosion” releases on January 15th!

LISTEN to the single, “Ghost Dance” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gravehuffer on Facebook here.

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