Okrutnik – Legion Antychrysta

There’s never enough bands of the weird combination of black and heavy metal, and I’ve never been sure exactly why. It’s an endlessly promising mixture of sounds that have so much excellence done at any given moment so long as it’s in the proper hand, but there haven’t been many acts daring enough to try and bring the style to life. Bands like Okrütnik are few and far between by all means, and it’s every track that they bring forth for this new effort that shows us why this style needs to be more widespread.

I can understand why many would be afraid at how well such a sound like this could perform given both black and heavy metal need the proper amount of attention just to be pulled off well on their own so putting them together makes for almost double the burden. So, if nothing else, that makes the success of “Legion Antychrysta” all the more impressive to me since it really does feel like there isn’t much that Okrütnik could’ve done to improve upon these eight powerful tracks anymore than what they already were right from the beginning. It’s a riff-driven and immensely aggressive concoction that is just as bombastic and it is tantalizing as Okrütnik commands the attention of the listener with such ease that it is almost bewildering, and it’s the eclectic nature of this work that is about the most powerful thing that we can find within the confines of “Legion Antychrysta” since it adds multiple layers of flavor and talent to this already-stacked record. This is a treat like few others as we can constantly see what power Okrütnik is able to summon from one track to the next to make each something to behold all on its own, but it’s the execution of it all that shows us what this act is really capable of as “Legion Antychrysta” doesn’t waste a moment in bringing us quality that’s tenacious, immensely bloodthirsty, and something that is nigh on compelling from top to bottom.

This is what such a style is capable of with these eight tracks surely just being the beginning of what Okrütnik is really capable of, and I’m very keen to see what else they’re capable of. Nearly every facet of “Legion Antychrysta” is something for this band to be boastful of given how well put together it all is, and I cannot wait to see what happens when they really hone their craft into something that cannot be considered anything other than extremely deadly.

LISTEN to “Legion Antychrysta” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Okrütnik on Facebook here.

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