Esoctrilihum – F’htansg

Life is full of little surprises, isn’t it? A regular release from Esoctrilihum is far from qualifying as such since it has been a few years now since 12 months have gone by without a brand new slab of otherworldly and mind-bending material to capture our imaginations, and they’ve always come in the form of full-length albums. So, after hopping on this surprise release that is (at least, at the moment) strictly digital release, I was surprised to find it as an EP. But, don’t let a mere 3-track work let you think that Esoctrilihum has started slipping by any means.

One of the many things that I’ve always enjoyed about this band, it’s the unique mythology that Esoctrilihum crafts seemingly without effort that can constantly and consistently keep me guessing as to what brand new lore will be melting my brain next. Everything up to now has been rooted in some sort of theme, but I can’t say that I get the same feeling here with the incredibly hard to pronounce “F’htansg”. That’s not to say that Esoctrilihum is lacking by any definition, but the lore feels almost fragmented even if I’ve no hope of deciphering those haunting vocals as if we’re experiencing only small visions in a greater tale that is hitherto unknown to us. The three tracks are as compelling and unforgiving as ever the likes of which is all but synonymous with the name of Esoctrilihum, and it’s this short but fruitful offering that gives another brief dosage of dark ecstasy only a band as honed as this could deliver with such surgical precision. “F’htansg” could absolutely be a secret peek into some B-sides from any of the various albums that have been released in the last few years, or they could be transitions to the new full-length that will be reportedly arriving early next year, but no matter which or anything else, there’s no way to deny that this isn’t another awesome helping to the point where it almost feels like we’re being teased with new material with something much greater being just beyond our grasp, and Esoctrilihum knows just how to play on that desire. Everything about “F’htansg” is what we could ask for out of an EP like this and it’s that exact take of true darkness that we need in such times, and I couldn’t have ever asked for a better act to deliver such excellence that this consistent French name that does nothing but impress every single time.

Not every great piece of material is some massive and bodacious creation that requires many, many spins in order to get a full grasp of. Sometimes, a quick hit is all that some could ever need in order to really have an experience that delivers like few others. Esoctrilihum is an absolute master at crafting huge and long-winded tales of mind-destroying gods and cataclysmic events, but seeing the act pull off something like this is very satisfying to someone like me and I do hope to get such surprises like “F’htansg” in the future. And while these three tracks are more than satisfying on just about every scale, something keeps nagging inside me saying that this is just the prelude to something that we’ve never seen from Esoctrilihum before. Whether or not I’m right, only time can tell.

LISTEN to “F’htansg” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Esoctrilihum on Facebook here.

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