Рожь – Остов

The vast and deep landscape of Bandcamp is something that will never cease to amaze me. No matter what you find or whatever bands may crawl out of its woodwork, there will always be countless acts that are always under the radar in some way as select bands of extreme quality operate in surprising secrecy. There are few joys to witness with such acts than to see one rise ever so slowly from the depths to the glory that it so rightfully deserves. When it comes to the shadowy act that is Рожь, then that couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

It’d be easy for me to say that this is one of those acts that are one of the best-kept secrets of their little corner of the underground, but I’m hard-pressed to find any other band that are even one their corner of the world of metal given how unique this band is right from the beginning almost without exception. Even so, the name of Рожь is far from a largely unknown name with the two previous efforts from the act, particularly “.”, being something that has gained its own devout following with good reason. But, it’s within the confines of this seemingly humble 3-track EP that we see this act display a power and next level musicianship that we are constantly salivating for as it rarely comes around in such a form as it requires no less than peak expertise and a vast understanding of how to mold many different styles together seamlessly in order to produce something staggering in virtually every form. We are given an experience that is nigh on unique with “Остов” constantly keeping us on our toes as there is a heaviness that can almost be described as tribal with its atmosphere and tones standing out tremendously as Рожь weaves it all together for a beautiful listen that can just as easily be considered beautifully stunning as it can be fascinatingly ominous with all the different flavors creating something that any of us would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere with such potency also at hand, and it’s with each successive listen of everything that “Остов” has to offer that one begins to understand the small work that’s been done before the eyes and ears for something that some would effortlessly call a masterpiece. I wouldn’t consider such praises as far-fetched, either.

Albums like this are one of the many things that will always fuel my love for the genre, and mysterious bands like Рожь are why the underground is a boon the likes of which many of us never appreciate quite enough. Every single facet of this small but absolutely massive EP is overwhelming as we are left bewildering by the wild power that is constantly at play within “Остов” that one kind find a bliss the likes of which one may go years without hearing an equal.

LISTEN to “Остов” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Рожь on Facebook here.

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