New World Depression – Descent

There’s no school quite like the old school, isn’t there? The persistent love for the old school of death metal is one of those things that’s surprising in how long it’s still be going strong for but also not when you take into consideration the fervor that people inside the scene have with the sound. It’s something that will likely never go away so long as the underground is left as it is, and it’s albums like the latest from New World Depression that is just the very beginning of excellence for what can be created out of such mastery.

While there are throngs upon throngs of records being made out of this very well-documented scene that continues to pump out album after album no matter the quality of those releases or how often they’re dished out for it’s with fervor like what’s to be had in this scene that there’s no such thing as rest, and it’s after getting real lucky that we are able to find ourselves being marched upon relentlessly by quality acts with supreme efforts like what New World Depression has crafted with “Descent” in its entirely. It’s a fairly simple record by all accounts with even the thought process even being a song name: “Hate. Kill. Repeat.”. But, even if it is quite a “typical” listen for the likes of old school death metal, that never once takes away from the awesome raw power that’s on constant display for the absolute entirely of this album’s 10-piece tracklisting with the murderous intent being felt in every riffs as blood is being spilled after every beat of that devastating drumset. Everything about “Descent” captures what the style has always been and will likely always be, and it couldn’t be anymore glorious in its vast devastation and tremendous riffage that constantly binds this album together in such excellence that it immediately makes both this record and New World Depression something that every old school fanatic should investigate with great haste. It’s something that is more than worthy of adorning the collections of many underground surveyors who are looking for something new and delicious to add to their collections, and New World Depression has delivered just such a product.

Such works like this are what keep the very sound of the old school thriving in this modern world, and it’s thanks to bands like this that it won’t be fading away into any time soon by any means. Right from the get-go, “Descent” has everything needed to bring to the table when it comes to bringing forth a listening experience that any fan of the style would be able to get into without a problem in sight, and if that doesn’t make it truly glorious then you absolutely astound me.

“Descent” releases on November 19th on vinyl via Fucking Kill Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Descent” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE New World Depression on Facebook here.

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