Wisent – Seething

It’s not very often that I find myself ensnared in whatever the world of hardcore throws my way whenever it decides to do so, and it’s surprisingly often that I find myself really into whatever I’m hearing when the occasion strikes me even half-well. And when it does hit me right, it’s the sort of thing that I can’t help but dive into time after time. It’s with their debut EP that Wisent has accomplished just that almost effortlessly, and I cannot help but hope this is the start of many great things from this act.

If you’ve ever listened to any sort of hardcore material that’s worth its own salt, you’ve heard all the elements that have gone into this work since it’s a rough idea of a by-the-numbers hardcore listen but performed with such expertise and passion that it cannot be denied by anyone who has an ear for it, and I’m nothing but all ears when it comes to everything that Wisent has done within “Seething”. Even so, you don’t need to do something brand new or greatly innovative by any means in order to deliver something that is more than worth listening to, and it’s every song that we get within this debut EP that proves that wondrously as Wisent is constantly keeping us on own toes with their magnanimous talent that feels almost limitless if “Seething” is anything to go by. Each performance is something to really analyze as it’s all done quite well to the point that it’d be hard for me to pick out which of them was my favorite, and it’s at the end of this immensely promising EP that I find myself just wanting to hear more from this band! That’s something that very few hardcore have been able to achieve for me by any account, but it’s in many ways that Wisent has set themselves apart by just being good by doing virtually nothing different, and given how excellent it is I don’t think I’d have it any other way because you can feel that they’re having a damn good time performing it and that makes one hell of an impact on the final sound!

This has been and will always be a style that is at least a tad tricky to get into for someone like me, but there are always some exceptions to get into no matter who you are with Wisent being one of those acts for me. It’s from top to bottom with “Seething” that I find myself genuinely wanting to hear more from this act even if this is their very first piece of proper material that they’ve put out, and I truly hope to hear more sooner rather than later.

“Seething” releases on November 23rd!

LISTEN to “Seething” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Wisent on Facebook here.

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