Accuser – s/t

When we are to consider the bands that have been around for decades that haven’t gotten nearly enough attention until only just recently for one reason or another, Accuser is one that instantly comes to my mind. These guys have been a staple of the German thrash scene since their inception in the 80s and it has only been in the past decade that their name has finally grown past a cult status to become something that many more people can fall into given its excellence. They’ve been a real powerhouse over the band’s career, and it’s with the eponymous effort that they’ve delivered yet again.

This is one of those bands that I feel confident that I already know what they’re going to sound like on any new piece of material even if I’ve only listened to one piece beforehand with some slight variation on the new work to keep things a little fresh. Now, that’s far from a bad thing if it can be pulled off right even if it sounds dreadful on paper, but it’s with the likes of Accuser that we see them do it tremendously well with their sound being as robust and intense as ever with their particular set of thrash skills shining through to provide some top-notch additions to their bombastic collection. It’s extremely fitting that this would end up being the band’s self-titled work since I couldn’t think of a better album that this act has put out in some time that captures their sound and intricacies as well as what’s to be seen in these eleven tracks of riffs and almost mechanical precision with its deadliness. A record like this is far from uncommon in the catalog that Accuser has procured for themselves over the decades, and in every way that shows this band has not lost an ounce of potency to the curse of time with each offering here being something that every thrash fan should be able to sink their teeth into without having to even think about it as Accuser continues their extremely admirable trend of beyond noteworthy talent whose power and potency cannot be underestimated.

While you could argue that Accuser has done not much of anything new on this effort and thus has crafted something that should be scrutinized for its unoriginality, I would immediately raise you the question of why fix what isn’t broken? Accuser has been delivering this sound for over thirty years now with each record being something to hear from top to bottom with respect and earnest, and that’s no different on this eponymous work that shows us Accuser is as deadly as they have ever been.

“Accuser” releases on November 13th via Metal Blade!

PRE-ORDER “Accuser” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Accuser” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Accuser on Facebook here.

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