Nothing – The Great Dismal

The world of post is something that is filled with infinite possibilities given the very nature of the sound that can work well with so much of whatever you put it with when it comes to metal and rock, and there are legions worth of examples that could be named to verify such a claim. Post-punk is a corner of the sound that I’m not as familiar with as I’d like, but it’s every now and then that I’m all but compelled to listen to an offering for one reason or another. I was beyond compelled to investigate this brand new offering from Nothing, and it’s far more than anything that I was expecting.

Nothing has been one of those bands for me that I’ve always had an interest in listening to by all accounts, but I’ve never really been able to sit down and jam out to them properly even if I always appreciate the performance that’s being put on constantly. That has been the case until tonight, that is, as it’s with “The Great Dismal” that I’ve finally been able to say that I’ve genuinely enjoyed what Nothing has dished out in all of its bleak colors and wondrous display of their unique sound that I cannot help but become consumed by the moment that the music starts rolling out. It might be a boast for me to say anything along the lines of “The Great Dismal” having everything that I could ask for out of an album like this of a band of this caliber, but it’s damn close! The slow burn of this record is felt immediately in the opening that is simply captivating before Nothing bursts forth with a wall of sound that’s driven fantastically by the bombardment of the drums as the melancholic yet thoughtful wonder of the strings bring color to this otherwise deceivingly monochrome experience that’s all tied together by a near-ethereal voice from beyond, and it’s throughout all ten offerings that we’re constantly driven back and forth from dissonance and frenetic energy that makes for a truly interesting listen that we don’t often get. Whether this is a product that has always resided in the minds behind Nothing or is something that has brought forth by the events that the world has come to know this year I know not and am completely willing to leave it at that as “The Great Dismal” dominates in many forms on a level that not many may be expecting, but I cannot stress enough that Nothing is a band that is capable of many things with delivering a quality experience just being the beginning of that extensive list.

A record like this is almost pitch-perfect for the current state of the world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many find this to be the work that gives them the catharsis, retrospective, and outlook to keep them from mentally imploding as we move forward whether in dishevelry or victory. “The Great Dismal” is a creation whose significance cannot be denied nor can it be ignored by anyone with a proper ear, and Nothing is only to become better from here on out which I feel very strongly about in every sense.

PURCHASE “The Great Dismal” via Relapse Records here.

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One thought on “Nothing – The Great Dismal

  1. This is the only band besides Suede who hit that “kitchen sink” level of drama and melancholy; within rock or post-rock the focus is usually on purely personal misery but when a band goes beyond it can be revolutionary, thanks for the review of an incredible band.

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