Harlott – Detritus of the Final Age

Of all the styles of metal that I feel are in better hands than ever, thrash is one of them that I wouldn’t have much knowledge about given that I don’t really listen to a lot of modern thrash which is something I’ve been meaning to fix for years now. But, if it’s anything like any other style you could list off, I’m confident that the blossoming acts of today won’t have any problem in taking on the mantle to keep their respective sounds thriving. When it comes to Harlott, they’re easily one of the best names that I’ve come across in years to carry on the torch of thrash itself.

You could sit there and tell me that thrash is so mind-bogglingly easy to pull off since you just need some speed, mild melody, and a half-decent sense of aggression in order to pull off something worth talking about, and with that, I would raise you what feels like a very large chunk of the thrash underground that I’ve heard over the years. It’s like any sound with there being any number of awesome mixes to create something interesting, but it takes an exceptional band to pull it off, but it’s here within the confines of “Detritus of the Final Age” that I find myself realizing that Harlott is beyond exceptional. It’s more than that, actually, as it’s in all ten tracks of this record that Harlott proves themselves to be the very picture of an A1 class thrash act that will surely become one of the need-to-know names of the burgeoning scene if they haven’t already with their sound being nigh on intoxicating and effortlessly ecstatic in a way that always keeps the blood flowing through every moment that it offers up in earnest. Between the ripping soloes, an undeniable attitude that permeates even the very paint of that cover art, and power that cannot be underestimated lest you be beaten by its sheer aural dominance, there’s nothing to not get excited about when considering what all “Detritus of the Final Age” has to offer. Of all the thrash acts that I’ve heard this year, Harlott is easily one of the absolute best that I’ve come across as they’re miles ahead of any sort of competition that they may have, and it’s the exact sort of infectious speed that I have always been in need of, but very few have been able to provide it on a scale the likes of which is rampant here with “Detritus of the Final Age”.

I’m no less than positive that the sprawling underground of thrash metal has tons of worthy acts out there that are more than worth hearing, but they’ve avoided my ears up to this point, sadly, but it’s after listening to Harlott that I’m determined to go on a binge to find what all there is. It may be some time before I report back, but it’s until then and way past that time which I can easily sit here and proclaim that everything that’s accomplished within “Detritus of the Final Age” is the very epitome of what every thrasher needs in their life immediately.

“Detritus of the Final Age” releases on November 13th via Metal Blade!

PRE-ORDER “Detritus of the Final Age” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Detritus of the Final Age” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Harlott on Facebook here.

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