Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night

The list goes on and on about that very odd spot of bands when they get big to where they’re clearly a band very capable of headlining festivals without a problem, but if you’re talking to someone who isn’t neck-deep into the given style then that band would almost certainly be unheard to that person’s ears. It’s an odd thing that many of us don’t often think about, but it’s bands like Fates Warning that fall into such a categorization even if they’ve done wonders for their respective style. There are tons and tons of glorious works that Fates Warning has done over their storied career, but if there’s to be one that helps propel them even further into the consciousness of the masses, it’s this one for sure.

Just looking at everything behind this album and what it all contains without even hearing a single note is enough for me to raise an eyebrow in intrigue. With their 13th full-length album in an over 35-year long career that spans 13 tracks with an over hour-long runtime, what’s there to not indicate that Fates Warning has not brewed something special with this massive effort? It’s when you’re then listening to what these songs have in store, that you begin to realize what this fabled band has created even if you’ve only listened to it once. In so many different ways, “Long Day Good Night” is everything that Fates Warning has ever been over the decades with each song not only being able to stand proudly on its own without struggle, but there’s a clearly different feel to this album than others, even if it’s only just barely. The material here feels infinitely more personal intimate, far more eclectic and modern than what I was expecting, and a clear sense of mastery over their craft that takes their traditionally more metal-centric sound to something that’s constantly blurring the line between metal and rock to the point where I’d be shocked if fans of both weren’t salivating over this work. It’s so easy to fall into “Long Day Good Night” such that you begin to dissect each song piece by piece in order to absorb every morsel that they have to offer with every course being as flavorful and tantalizing as the last, and any fan of the band could tell you that’s just the beginning of what Fates Warning is capable of. This is one of those albums that I can only describe so far as it really is something that you need to hear for yourself, and it is now that I have reached that point.

Of the many fantastic albums that adorn the catalog that Fates Warning has been boasting for years, I cannot help but feel that this work has a place well near the top in massive excellence. Every facet of “Long Day Good Night” is something that’s worth great investigation and appreciation by all accounts, and if it isn’t considered as one of the best works of its kind this year then I will be severely disappointed in the lot of you.

“Long Day Good Night” releases on November 6th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Long Day Good Night” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Long Day Good Night” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fates Warning on Facebook here.

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