Archierophant – Kingdom

Of all the many iterations that heavy metal has taken over the years, there are very few bands out there that have managed to bring it together with elements of the more extreme sides of the genre in a way that many of us can really get into. I would assume that given the ever-expanding palette of metal itself, an exploration into this still yet largely untapped frontier is something that’s going to become more common soon, but, it’s at this moment, that you have to put in a little work to find the bands worth talking about. Without question, Archierophant is one of them.

This is just the first EP that this band out of the UK has managed to create at this point, and the only word that I can use to describe what’s done here as a whole is “promising”. But, that almost makes it sound like “Kingdom” just barely misses its mark while Archierophant still showed us what they’re capable of with enough potency to leave a damn good impression. Instead, I can’t help but consider these four tracks as a rousing victory all the way around! With a sound that can be more precisely be considered traditional heavy metal with a sincere and well-executed black metal edge. Archierophant brings us a tremendous display that shows us so much of what such a conception has always had potential to bring forth, but even so, I can’t help but feel like this is the first time that I had heard something that can even be likened to what “Kingdom” has to offer and it’s the exact kind of something that I’m always looking for between its eclectic sound, potent sound, and expansive passion that is felt rather than simply heard. It’s the sort of thing that builds a foundation so flawlessly that it’s astounding to witness no matter the occasion, and it’s with the entirety of “Kingdom” that Archierophant has cast their bid as one of the bands that absolutely must be known when it comes time for this specific corner of heavy metal to blossom into something that we weren’t ready for.

It’s always been fantastically interesting to see how any band of any kind can twist the classic form of heavy metal into something that we can still sink our teeth into without much trouble, and despite a lot of people surely not being attracted by the very idea of this sound, but if the band’s in question can sound even a fraction as good as Archierophant does here then there will never ever be a problem. Right from the beginning, “Kingdom” is overflowing with potential the likes of which I won’t soon forget if I have my way, and I strongly suggest the rest of you keep an eagle eye out for what comes next.

LISTEN to “Kingdom” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Archierophant on Facebook here.

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