Phantom Hound – Mountain Pass

To say that the landscape of literally anything that can be called hard rock has been going incredibly well even after so long would be putting it mildly at best. The style has been no less than stupendously bountiful over the years with the younger acts that have been coming out year after year showing us that their brands are not to be underestimated in any way. Phantom Hound has only ever done one EP before today, but it’s with this full-length that they’ve already proven themselves to be something that’s not to be ignored.

There are plenty of topics that can fit the sound of what stoner and hard rock can encapsulate without much exception, but I never once thought that I’d be sitting here talking about an album that absolutely fits such a description that is centered around the locomotive that pioneered transportation upon its invention and widespread use: the train. The nonstop metal creator of smoke and tremors fits perfectly for the sound that Phantom Hound boasts for the entirety of “Mountain Pass” with it working almost too well with everything that the band brings to the table from the widespread riffage to the unstoppable chugging to the tantalizing display of utter dominance that’s present at virtually every point that these eight songs put before us. Their power is staggering to listen to as it’s very clear that Phantom Hound knew exactly what they were doing when they were putting this album together piece by piece in order to craft something that is absolutely something that we’ve heard before many time, but the way in which it’s executed leaves us astonished how potent it is with the songwriting and instrumentation just being bonuses that are irresistible to turn down. Such prowess in the face of repeating what’s been done countless times before is something that I will always appreciate no matter what style is being done, and it’s with “Mountain Pass” that this band has done nothing but extreme justice for what the style has been offering for years now and shows us that the style’s future is in more than capable hands.

With this just being the first full-length that Phantom Hound has delivered thus far, I cannot help but feel confident that we’re to get much more excellence in the future with the quality of it surely getting higher in every release. Everything about “Mountain Pass” does the record justice, and it’s in all of the tracks that you’ll find yourself captivated by this steel horse that charges forward whose engines stop for nothing so long as the power is plentiful.

LISTEN to “Mountain Pass” on Bandcamp here.

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