Big Scenic Nowhere – Lavender Blues

There are plenty of names throughout the psychedelic and desert rock scenes to keep us entertained for decades, and that has absolutely been the case, but while the thought of them coming together for something next level is only something we could take seriously after using the old bong, it was just a year ago that Big Scenic Nowhere brought those dreams into the real world! Their debut EP was and still is worthy of heavy rotation, but it was with their first full-length of “Vision Beyond Horizon” that should and will stand as a metric for quality in the scene from now on. Personally, I was content to wait at least another year for more material, but, clearly, the men behind Big Scenic Nowhere refuse to sit quietly for too long.

If you listened to “Vision Beyond Horizon”, which if you haven’t you need to fucking drop what you’re doing and rectify that yesterday, then you already have an idea of what you’re in for when you dive into the cosmos with “Lavender Blues”. Now, that can easily sound very disappointing or even upsetting given how eclectic a band like this usually is especially with the talent behind it, but that’s precisely what you need to remember. There are just three tracks within this EP which made me sad at first since I wanted more and more but seeing a runtime of over 23 minutes across all of them, it certainly does make up for the short tracklist. And if that doesn’t make up for it then the titanic quality that is overflowing from “Lavender Blues” will sway your heart. Each of these tracks bring us a very well done and solid array of the sounds that Big Scenic Nowhere has already pulled off flawlessly, and to see them have their own time to shine brilliantly in this EP gives me immense joy as we can see that Big Scenic Nowhere are still nowhere near afraid to execute an over ten-minute song of pure glory alongside the catchiest of riffs and deepest of meditations. If the band hadn’t already released an outstanding full-length this year then “Lavender Blues” would one hundred percent show up on my Top Albums list come the first of January, but that doesn’t at all take away from the fact that this is one of the most stunning EPs that 2020 has seen by a long shot in every category. There should not have been a single soul to doubt the power and talent behind Big Scenic Nowhere before, but if there were any before hearing this work then it should undoubtedly be the game-changer that they’ve been needing. Such craftsmanship is rarely seen in a form like this, and I refuse to let the cosmic beauty of “Lavender Blues” go unnoticed if I can help it in any way.

There are few things that can get me going as well as new material from Big Scenic Nowhere, and if we needed any more proof of the power that this band has then it should be every inch of this phenomenal EP that proves this act is in a league entirely of their own that we can only dream to achieve. The very essence of “Lavender Blues” is something to behold in it of itself, and such it’s every other possible facet of this release that helps make this work into something that some would surely call a masterpiece in its own right.

“Lavender Blues” releases on October 23rd via Heavy Psych Sounds!

PRE-ORDER “Lavender Blues” via Heavy Psych Sounds on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Big Scenic Nowhere on Facebook here.

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