Dødsferd – Death Shall Purify the Wounds of Your Fragile Mortality

Twenty years is, by all accounts, a long time for any band to keep going, especially if people can always rely on a constant stream of quality and self-improvement if they stick with that act. Next year will herald that magnificent milestone for Dødsferd whose brand of black metal has become some of the most entertaining in the entire scene with Wrath, the main man behind it all, only getting exponentially better over the years in every single release. After twenty years, reflecting is more than understandable, and it’s with this fresh compilation that we’re taken on a journey through the decades to just witness the growth of the current monster that is Dødsferd.

While the vast majority of my experience with Dødsferd lies within the band’s spectacular last full-length, “Diseased Remants of a Dying World”, I knew from other listening sessions that this Greek act had so much talent and experience behind its power. That’s where the real glory of this compilation comes into play. Across the seven tracks that adorn it, including a brand new song made specifically for this release, we’re taken across select choices from the history of Dødsferd so that we can see the progression of the act across the years, and you don’t even have to been paying attention to notice it. “Death Shall Purify the Wounds of Your Fragile Mortality” shows great expertise in giving us everything that Dødsferd has to offer. We’re immediately launched into the band’s caustic but incredibly emotive sound with the opening song easily being the oldest out of this selection with the very next track showing us a giant leap in the band’s evolving sound with taht being a gripping trend throughout the absolute entirety of “Death Shall Purify” with the ending bringing us something that the previous songs barely touched on that stands in grand contrast to everything that came before. It’s in every way a gallery of reasons why Dødsferd deserves more attention and why every compliment that they get is beyond warranted since this record oozes with passion, talent, and hard-earned experience that came over years of perserverence, self-challenging, and a grand understanding of their craft that results in a standout performance that should be known across the scene.

This compilation allows people to just dip their toes into everything that Dødsferd has to offer, and I truly hope to see it draw many others in. Dødsferd has always had so much to offer with a unique blend that’s as striking as it is provocative, and it’s every inch of “Death Shall Purify” that gives us one reason after another why this band is something that must be heard in order to truly be believed.

LISTEN to “Death Shall Purify the Wounds of Your Fragile Mortality” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dødsferd on Facebook here.

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