Chasmdweller – Bacterial Lotus

It’s barely been two months since I was just here talking about Chasmdweller, and I was just as puzzled then as I am now to find myself already talking about them again. Granted, their last offering was just a 2-track demo, but I wasn’t expecting something so soon! If I’m to be honest, it kind of made me a little worried before going into this album only because a rushed record is very rarely a good one. But, this effort feels anything but rushed as this is more than likely the most interesting piece that Chasmdweller has produced thus far by absolute miles.

I felt that before going into whatever it was that “Bacterial Lotus” had to offer, I could pretty much assume safely what I was going to encounter: scathing death/doom that holds no prisoners and slowly draws the curtain of darkness upon the world, much like just about all of their previous material. But, that’s not quite what Chasmdweller decided to do this time around. For this instance, no telling if they’ll continue like this or not, the doom elements are almost entirely removed (almost!). So, what we’re given throughout “Bacterial Lotus” is an incredibly visceral take of Chasmdweller’s immensely vicious sound with this record in particular bringing something out from within the material that exudes a go-for-the-throat mentality. That’s definitely been a factor in the band’s previous material, but it’s amplified greatly here. With not a single track going below seven minutes and virtually every second being jam-packed with explosive energy and bloodthirsty appetites, Chasmdweller show us a new side of themselves with “Bacterial Lotus” and it fits so incredibly well that I had a hard time turning myself away from it. Everything about the work just draws you into its darkened core where you’re left wanting to find out all of its secrets and treasures while it’s all slowly crushing you from all sides. The tracks bleed into one another with shocking potency at every turn, and even if it’s not a potential turning point in the sound of Chasmdweller, there’s very little way to argue the spectacle that they’ve delivered all throughout “Bacterial Lotus”.

A change in a band’s sound that comes incredibly swiftly is something that can often lead to something that many fans will find unsavory or just downright bad, but that couldn’t be any further from the situation that I find myself in when contemplating what Chasmdweller has done here. Much more visceral and murderous than any of its predecessors but not lacking any of the foreboding presence, “Bacterial Lotus” opens many possibilities for Chasmdweller.

LISTEN to “Bacterial Lotus” on Bandcamp here.

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