Mr. Bison – Seaward

There are dozens upon dozens of rising names out there in the quickly expanding realm of heavy psych that are more than worthy of our attention, and I would be more than happy to sit here and pick them apart with all of you, but there just isn’t enough time in the day for that. So, it’s the slow and methodical process of going through them all one by one that’s the most effective way we can sift through them all. Tonight, it’s with the likes of Mr. Bison that my gaze has fallen upon, and I’m very glad that it did.

A conceptual album from this style is something that I’ve always been more than welcoming of, but an exceptional example of such is something that I honestly have not had the pleasure of hearing for years at this point. I was optimistic upon learning that “Seaward” could succeed at creating such glory, and it’s only hours of being hypnotized by what Mr. Bison has created here that I can easily say that this record is the best of this specific brand of heavy psych that I’ve come across in far too long. Right out of the gate, you can tell that Mr. Bison is not playing around as their sound is surprisingly inclusive when it comes to everything that this style has to offer. From soothing vocals that can give way to bombastic rhythms, riffs that pull back into colorful dreamscapes only to revert once more to psychedelic heaviness, and a story that’s as interesting as it is exciting, “Seaward” has loads to offer for not just fans of heavy psych, but music lovers in general. Everything about this work is gripping for anyone who can properly get into this record with all that it has to offer piling on top of each other to allow “Seaward” to culminate into an album that’s not only massively entertaining but worthy of great examination. It keeps on giving at virtually every turn, and it’s more than worthy of being called one of the most satisfying albums by what’s surely one of the most promising bands of the style that must not go unheard.

The number of promising acts from this style keeps rising higher at a surprising rate each year, and it’s proven to be no different whatsoever this time around as Mr. Bison is just the latest of such to have crossed my radar, but it’s just about in every way that this act has proven themselves to be anything but rookies when you listen to their excellent sound. “Seaward” shows us exactly what this massive act is made of, and it’s everything that should be turning heads of anyone who’s listening intently.

“Seaward” releases on October 16th via Subsound Records!

LISTEN to an advanced song from “Seaward” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mr. Bison on Facebook here.

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