Luna’s Call – Void

There is truly endless potential whenever any band decides to stick the word “progressive” in front of whatever style they decide to play because that really does broaden the horizon of possibilities so much more than what many people may be ready for. Death metal acts take that to a greater extent than any other style of metal out there in my opinion with each band playing their own sound that is constantly sprawling forth in a manner that is beyond captivating more often than not. Luna’s Call truly understood that when crafting their sophomore full-length album, and this work is no less than absolutely staggering in virtually every single way.

Right out of the gate, you can tell that “Void” is going to be so much more than what that interesting cover art may already promise just upon seeing it for the first time. With song times that are long, instrumentation that rarely stays in the same place for even a minute, and talent that is truly something to behold, what is there on this album that doesn’t perfectly showcase the brilliance behind everything that Luna’s Call is? They really take the very idea of progressive death metal to a glorious extent with every single track being sprawling in a way that is neither repeated nor stale at any point throughout the entirety of “Void”, and I cannot stress enough at how intoxicating and staggering this 8-track marvel is down to the simplest of notes. It’s a work that really showcases what it means to let the imagination take the reigns and let nothing stand in your way in order to make something grand work without a single failure to be had in any capacity, and there isn’t one thing here that doesn’t translate into magnitudes of magnificence of all sorts that’s pulled from all corners of death metal and far beyond to culiminate in an experience that’s just as sprawling as it is stunning. I could sit here all day and continue to throw endless adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and whatever else I can think of in order to describe “Void” to be as grandiose as it is, but it’s at the end of the day that only one word can truly encapsulte what Luna’s Call as accomplished here: peak.

This style is always pumping out material that will bend the mind and make us wonder just where all this excellence comes from, and it’s something that I doubt I’ll ever tire of. This is just their second effort, and Luna’s Call has already proven themselves to be a must-hear act with a need-to-know album that gives us an absolute laundry list of reasons why they’re not to be underestimated or skipped over for this is true genius that’s constantly building off itself. Everything about “Void” has so much flavor that it’s sometimes hard to visualize with your mind as your ears lap it right up, and it’s in such confused bliss and glorious bewilderment that Luna’s Call truly works their magic.

LISTEN to “Void” on Bandcamp here.

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