Lik – Misanthropic Breed

We could sit here for weeks uninterrupted and talk about the thousands upon thousands of death metal bands of all sorts, especially the more recent acts that are more worthy of our attention. When it comes to that group, I can confidently say that Lik would show up relatively quickly given their releases up to this point. “Carnage” was an absolute titan of death metal the year that it came out and continues to be a regular in my playlists. It’s on this new effort that Lik sought to conquer more so than they did before, and it’s in every track of this work that you can feel that deadly persistence and undying bloodthirst in all of its glory.

The Swedish variety of death metal, in particular, is a sound that has quickly spread beyond the borders of its original country, but I find it hard to argue against the fact that the best of the style comes from its namesake and Lik is just one of several hundreds of quality bands that bring merit to such an idea. And if you want material to back up that statement in the case of Lik, I present to you “Misanthropic Breed”: an uncompromising collection of rotting melodies, darkness heretofore unheard of, and quality the likes of which is beyond intoxicating. If you’re any sort of a fan of their previous work and even a little worried they’d change their sound for this record, that fear is beyond null for this album because it’s in every form a reincarnation of Lik’s already established sound that is just as deadly as it is masterful with every note being another stab of the saber and each growl being another line to your eternal damnation. “Misanthropic Breed” keeps everything tight and fast as there are just three songs throughout the album that stretch anywhere beyond four minutes to make it a blisteringly fast work that holds nothing back in any department whether it’s the riffs, heaviness, or that beautiful aforementioned intoxication factor. It’s a work that’s virtually on par with its predecessor in just every form, and I honestly can not have asked for anything better from a band that already proved themselves because this is just more of an amazing thing that I won’t be able to get enough of for some months to come. This is death metal the likes of which we’re always craving for, and Lik is more than gracious enough to shed some blood every once in a while to make it happen.

To call this album anything less than a triumph would be to directly spit in the faces of those behind Lik who really gave their all own this work for it shows in every moment and to deny its glory would be insulting. “Misanthropic Breed” constantly scratches the eternal itch that every fan of death metal is always cursed with, but this is the exact thing we need to relieve that itch until it comes creeping back.

“Misanthropic Breed” releases on September 25th via Metal Blade!

PRE-ORDER “Misanthropic Breed” via Metal Blade here.

LISTEN to singles from “Misanthropic Breed” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Lik on Facebook here.

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