Cultum Interitum – Poison of Being

A quality underground black metal work is something that can be equally easy and difficult to find at any given moment depending on where you choose to look. It really varies for me since I tend to look at certain labels more than I do randomly throughout the underground, and tonight gave me another payoff to such a method. Cultum Interitum, on the surface, seemed like another act that tried too hard to play into the classic sound of black metal to only end up sounding like near dog shit, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth when it comes to the quality.

Whether or not the whole of “Poison of Being” is an extended attempt to emulate black metal from decades ago is irrelevant to me simply because of what Cultum Interitum managed to bring forward with this debut full-length that has more than enough personality, bloodthirst, and talent to throw around from one track to the next without missing a single opportunity. Six tracks of true blackness that seeks only to snuff out all light in existence, the very essence of “Poison of Being” is fiery to the touch as this band does everything in their power to make this debut something that won’t be easily forgotten whether you’re drawn in by either the unyielding energy that’s constantly blistering or the occasional sections of pure hypnotic melodies that are still extremely devilish in nature. It forms a perfect storm of foreboding and evil black metal that feels catered to those who like their black metal beyond carnivorous in order to take on a life all its own. “Poison of Being” does not fuck around for even a microsecond as Cultum Interitum comes onto the scene with a clear goal in mind that’s plainly presented across all six commandments of darkness: conquer and destroy. And it’s by the closing of this evil work that you see that goal’s beginning start off in a way that’s just as mesmerizing as it is unnerving.

A black metal debut is always something that’s filled with potential, like all debuts of all styles, but this one feels particularly interesting solely for the reason that there’s real quality at play here the likes of which we just don’t get often when randomly scouring the underground. Cultum Interitum has done something quite noteworthy in more ways than one with this release, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was directly because of “Poison of Being” that drew them to those weavers of darkness.

LISTEN to “Poison of Being” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cultum Interitum on Facebook here.

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