Cancerfaust – Let the Earth Tremble

The never-ending yet somehow passive war of increasing heaviness amongst the world of metal is something that will never cease to amaze me simply because then we can witness just how far those boundaries can be pushed. With death metal, there are more plant of bands that can lay claim to being some of the heaviest with more names constantly being added. Cancerfaust’s debut could’ve easily taken a slightly humble route in order to really cultivate the band’s sound, but every inch of this debut is much more voracious than it is humble.

Despite only being around for a few years and this being their first execution of a full-length album, there isn’t much within this work to suggest that Cancerfaust is not already a big deal on the scene that’s not to be fucked with nor underestimated in any capacity. It’s throughout “Let the Earth Tremble” that we’re treated to eight unforgivingly scathing tracks sandwiched between two ominous intro and outro pieces that, at first, lead you into the uniquely hellish landscape that Cancerfuast holds command over that then lead you out of those towering gates that takes you either away from such a doom or even deeper in should you desire to turn around and experience those visages of death yet again. There isn’t a single bit of “Let the Earth Tremble” that isn’t worth revisiting as you’re constantly rediscovering fantastic riffs, ungodly power, and a strange finesse that surrounds everything that Cancerfaust brings forth a strange attraction to it all no matter what part of the chaos that you’re drawn in by. Few albums can become just as obviously interesting and brutally heavy within the same minute when it comes to a band’s debut album, but that shows exactly just how glorious “Let the Earth Tremble” is in even its smallest of moments.

The ever-expanding and downright sprawling underground is something that will eternally have more than enough debuts for all of us to try and sink our teeth into, but that doesn’t always mean a lot are special by any means. That makes the quality of “Let the Earth Tremble” all the more surprising if you ask me, and if there’s to be any solid proof for Cancerfaust being an act to keep your eye on, this is that very proof.

LISTEN to “Let the Earth Tremble” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cancerfaust on Facebook here.

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