Taurwen – A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death

If you ask me, the most interesting yet the trickiest style out there of all the stuff that I have for review easily has to be dungeon synth. I only say that because I do genuinely like the concept and there have been plenty of works that caught my eye, but not many can really deliver in a way that I can really sink my teeth into in a way that makes me feel like I’m actively enjoying it and not analyzing purely to fill a review spot. When it came to Taurwen’s debut, I entered it with mild optimism but came out of it knowing that I had been given something of quality.

What grabs me most about this work more than any others of its kind is how eclectic it is as a whole because it is surprisingly so. I feel confident in saying that dungeon synth is the main core from which everything else revolves around, but we’re given a special blend of many atmospheric styles that are constantly coming around from dark ambient to neofolk to even a little bit of neoclassical that always makes the whole of “A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death” far from a boring listen which is a sad fate that befalls many acts of every style involved. Yet, Taurwen expertly dodges such pitfalls. Perhaps the year’s worth of planning was a key influence or maybe natural talent? Either way, there’s no way to say that this album isn’t something interesting at the very least as each track has something new to offer no matter what kind of ambient fan you may be and I’ve no doubt that every single detail here was carefully planned from the immensely hypnotic drum beats to the peaceful moments of true meditation that bring together “A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death” in such a way that is just as wondrous the first time as it is the tenth. There are so many acts that try to be even a fraction as interesting to listen to as what Taurwen has put on display here, but this one man from Turkey has proven to be something more and I can only hope that if he produces more that the quality will just continue to climb.

I normally have to be a really specific mood to listen to any sort of ambient work, but it’s “A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death” that just fires on all cylinders for me and hits all the right spots to where I really feel I could listen to this at any point in the day, and all eleven tracks are just as tasteful as the last. Should this just be the first work to come from Taurwen, I’m genuinely interested to hear more just to see where this guy takes his sound.

LISTEN to “A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Taurwen on Facebook here.

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