Carnal Agony – Back From the Grave

Have you ever listened to something and no matter how many times you go back through it or what’s happening that you constantly find yourself going “oof, that shit was good”? It happens a lot to everyone including myself, but it’s a more common occurrence in the more extreme side of metal by far in my case. Power metal is something that I’ve always enjoyed but it’s not terribly often I find myself actually enjoying what many have to offer, but when a band comes around and scratches that eternal itch for me it’s always something beyond interesting. That’s just the beginning of what Carnal Agony has done here.

A very big part of what many people come into power metal for is the immense amounts of cheese that can be found flowing through every single instrument to make one album after another an incredibly fun time, yet it only works in the right hands. With their latest effort, Carnal Agony absolutely has an element of that at play here, but it’s played completely straight as well to make each track of “Back From the Grave” a great listen that’s equally infectious and powerful as Carnal Agony is constantly balancing them for a really interesting listen that can effortlessly grab the attention of people would want a little bit of silliness but also those who aren’t here to fuck around. It’ll never get old how “Back From the Grave” performs the two flawlessly, but that’s just the first of many qualities to be found here. Irresistible melody, an energy that’s constantly overflowing from every note, a clear passion for the craft that’s diligently created piece by piece, the talent that is all but undeniable, a persistent tone that’s infectious right from the beginning; the list goes on! It’s not out of the question whatsoever to claim that Carnal Agony has surpassed a large chunk of their competition in a way that is still leaving me bewildered that it was done with such expertise by a band whose name I wasn’t even aware of a few days ago, and I can’t help but feel that many others are in the same situation as they dive into the glory that is “Back From the Grave”.

It’s surprises like this that I’ll never get tired of when searching from new music from all regions of metal. Carnal Agony has absolutely stunned and surpassed all sorts of expectations here, and I’ll be very disappointed if people let this act fade to memory while their talent is still present. Every ounce of “Back From the Grave” is something to be marveled at, and it’ll be an extraordinary boon to see this band march forward and evolve to something that’s somehow more impressive for which I cannot wait to witness.

LISTEN to “Back From the Grave” on YouTube here.

LIKE Carnal Agony on Facebook here.

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