Coexistence – Collateral Dimension

Easily, one of the most fascinating styles in all of metal has to be technical death metal and you can pick just about any reason you want to justify that claim. I figured that this year had already gotten plenty of greatness from the usual menagerie of acts that grace the style, but it was between the debuts from both Symbolik and Atrae Bilis that I figured the year had peaked for the style. Well, move them right the fuck over because it’s with their forthcoming debut that Coexistence smashes into the scene with true mastery the likes of which is always welcome.

I haven’t seen a record of this caliber from the realm of tech-death since the debut from Equipoise last year, and it’s in every single fucking track that these Italians bring to the table that we get one amazing helping of utter mastery that culminates to make “Collateral Dimension” possibly the quintessential album of its kind to be released in 2020! This nearly hour-long album is absolutely jam-packed with everything that makes for a god-tier tech-death record with each track building off each other to make for an extremely diverse creation that’s colorful to the highest order, brutal in all respects, and so easy to fall back into that you feel like you’re floating on those emerald waters in the cover art about to fall into an equally gorgeous but unforgiving realm in another cosmos. “Collateral Dimension” knows not how to drag, either. Quite literally, every second that’s offered throughout these nine masterpieces is used to their absolute maximum potential without there being one moment that dips in quality or excitement as Coexistence does nothing but slay in one track after another. And then with a constant display of beauty that is no less than fucking staggering no matter what angle you’re approaching it at, I truly cannot find a reason why I shouldn’t dare to call “Collateral Dimension” one of the absolute best of its kind this year! I have no doubt whatsoever that this will be one of my favorite albums of the year when it comes time to make that list in a few months, and I’ll be extremely frustrated if I’m the only one doing so.

Stepping into this monster, I knew I was going to get some technical death metal but there wasn’t much that could’ve given me the proper preparation for what goes on here as Coexistence does nothing but blow every fucking single expectation right out of the water instantly. There are so many acts and albums that come close to what’s done here, but it becomes extremely clear extremely quickly that “Collateral Dimension” is part of a very elite selection of tech-death albums that should be hailed until the end of time and I’ll gladly be one of those people doing so even unto the bitter fucking end!

“Collateral Dimension” releases on October 23rd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Collateral Dimension” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Coexistence on Facebook here.

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