Mesarthim – The Degenerate Era

Seeing a big underground name return in any capacity is always a momentous occasion no matter the style. I’ll admit that after their massive string of releases, not seeing anything from Mesarthim after a year was a bit curious especially given the mysterious ambiguity from the Australian act, and then the expectingly random announcement of this fresh offering was just as much a surprise as it was welcome. There were many directions Mesarthim could’ve gone, but they chose to take their sound to an even deadlier version of what it was before.

Just trying to fathom this band getting even better than they were before as the need-to-know powerhouse of atmospheric black metal two years ago is both incredibly fascinating to think about and mind-boggling. You can pick virtually anything out of the Mesarthim catalog and come across some form of greatness, but it’s potentially here with “The Degenerate Era” that we get the greatest work from the band since their landmark release that was “Isolate”. Across five tracks of bewildering cosmic black metal, Mesarthim takes their sound that continues to be interwoven with brilliant electronic works to the next level as we see the melodies, atmospheres, vocal work, and infectiousness levels taken to new heights that instantly make every single track of “The Degenerate Era” something that absolutely demands to be heard whether you’re familiar with this style or not. It all builds off one another for a gripping listen that truly keeps the listener held in place for the entirety of the album as each minute gives us something that’s no less than the highest degree of scrumptious for us to eat right up without exception, and Mesarthim are absolute masters at delivering one massive course of top-tier genius in quick succession with each being a fresh form of mouth-watering. I’m far from the first person to be praising this work now that it’s been out for weeks, but I can’t help but feel this work is something that demands contemplation when it comes time for us to determine our favorite albums of the year. “The Degenerate Era” has everything in all the right amounts in all the right places, and it’s a beyond seductive piece that never once disappoints.

This, in every way, is an album that must be heard by anyone who might even be barely into works like this. From the very production to the cover art itself to the pacing of the notes, “The Degenerate Era” is a stunning stepping off point for what’s likely a new era for Mesarthim in a way that none of us could’ve predicted. And whether or not you were expecting something of this magnitude, there’s no way to argue how stupendous this work is as soon as that record starts spinning.

LISTEN to “The Degenerate Era” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mesarthim on Facebook here.

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