The Spacelords – Spaceflowers

One of the most intriguing sounds in all of music, in my opinion, is undoubtedly just about any form of instrumental rock but especially when it’s drenched in psychedelia. Whether it leans towards the heavier side or not, the style has always been beyond interesting for many different reasons be it coming from established acts like Clouds Taste Satanic or My Sleeping Karma or someone smaller in the scene. I had known of The Spacelords for some time now but had never investigated (I’m lazy, sue me), and it’s with their latest that I’m committed to hearing every note that they’ve ever produced up to this point.

The beauty of a style like this is the many, many different forms that it can easily take based on any one thing out of several. Just as easily could it come from a very classic metal-inspired sound that stretches for over twenty minutes at a time, it could turn out to be some extremely psychedelic piece that is immensely meditative to the core. When it comes to The Spacelords and what they’ve done on “Spaceflowers”, it’s clear that their sound takes the best from both worlds as well as everything else in between to make for a little that’s as chilled out and mellow to listen to as easy to rock right out to once the riff hits. In the three tracks that span this nearly 50-minute album, The Spacelords do nothing but dazzle and entrance on such a scale that it’s nigh on impressive to witness no matter how many times I want to plunge myself into their world of space-flavored psychedelia that never once goes to the same place twice as if to really highlight the vast difference of the universe itself. This is such a fascinatingly easy record to fall into and “Spaceflowers” hits all the right possible notes as it fires on all the proper cylinders without missing a single factor necessary to make it something that absolutely must be heard by so many given how influential it can be.

It’s not hard for me to say that The Spacelords has crafted this release to be something that really deserves to be recognized by the scene as we’ve seen many other worthy acts become big names over the years, and The Spacelords has achieved that right with this album if they haven’t been given such the honor before. Everything about “Spaceflowers” consists of what has and will always make the style great, and I can only hope that there are many more albums to follow this one given time.

LISTEN to “Spaceflowers” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Spacelords on Facebook here.

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