Primitive Man – Immersion

We could sit here all day and try to settle upon a select group of bands that we could quantify as “the most brutal” based on any fucking number of factors. But, I truly do believe that there is one more unique brutal than the great vast majority of others and that, as you may have already guessed, is the eternally bloodthirsty Primitive Man. They’ve been making ears bleed since their debut seven years ago, but it’s unequivocally with this that they’ve reached a new peak of unparalleled heaviness, ferocity, and mind-crushing madness that many maniacs will look to for ages to come.

As soon as you hit the play button for this voracious work, you’re immediately greeted by a formless beast that seeks only to devour the light of the universe in whatever manner it can as you’re left bewildered, stunned, and morbidly fascinated by what you’re witnessing as it lumbers forth with true power. That’s just the beginning of what Primitive Man brings to the table with “Immersion” as it’s another few steps further than their past material in more ways than one, and it’s across these six uncompromising works of the darkness that we see just how much of a depraved craft this really can be. Just as easily as it instigates a skull-splitting headache, it fascinates in a way that very few other works are able to. The band’s trademark sound of combined doom wreathed in bubbling sludge that’s then coated in ungodly noise that penetrates the very soul is taken to the next level as everything throughout “Immersion” feels so much more perilous in nature and malicious in intent. This album is just a mere 36 minutes in length but when you take into account how shockingly grueling of a listen it is, it doesn’t take a genius to want to tag it as one of the most caustic works of its kind this year and (should I dare to even say it?) the most voracious work that Primitive Man has produced thus far in their career. It’s the very epitome of something that grabs you right by the throat and never once lets go as “Immersion” does immerse you in a pitch-black realm filled with nothing but every form of torture both known and unknown, but it’s filled with anger, invisible flame, flesh-devouring insects, and an unrelenting desire for pain that’s also to be found throughout “Immersion” with a truly unique form of musicianship to found somewhere within for any masochistic music lover to fall in love with.

Primitive Man will always be a perfect example of a band that is not at all for the faint of heart for the very weight of their material can induce a headache into the unprepared or uninitiated, and I can’t help but feel they’re very okay with that fact. Every facet of “Immersion” is something that feels handmade to make the style as a whole even more unforgiving as if it wasn’t before, but that didn’t stop Primitive Man from trying and somehow succeeding in creating one of the most voracious and murderous sounds that I’ve ever heard.

“Immersion” releases on August 14th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Immersion” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Immersion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Primitive Man on Facebook here.

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