Uada – Djinn

Of all the black metal acts that have risen to become stars in the community in recent years, Uada is a clear standout act like incredibly few others. The two full-length albums that they’ve produced up to this point have received an overload of positive as well as the normal negativity from select groups. Personally, I’ve always had a great respect for Uada but they’ve been an act since day one that I haven’t been able to really get into to the point where I’d listen to some songs casually as they randomly appear on my playlists. I was hopeful of change going into their third full-length, and in every single way, this act defied all expectations.

If you haven’t already, go and listen to the title track in order to be given an idea of what we’re dealing with on this record. Now, the entirety of this record does not sound like that since as it’s easily the most unique song in Uada’s arsenal both on and off “Djinn” but it really gives you a hint as to the mindset that Uada was in when creating this effort as well as what mindset they want you to be in throughout this hour-long span of excellence. These six tracks are constantly keeping you guessing as to what’s going next with Uada stretching their brand of black metal to something that’s just as spectacular as it is powerful in a way that black metal rarely does in such a pristine form in a precise manner to boot. That’s an undeniable sign of extremely high-tier talent that we only get every once in a while, and Uada is only one of the most recent acts to achieve that very coveted spot. Expand upon that greatly with “Djinn” and that really makes one think that there isn’t anything that Uada can’t accomplish if they set their minds to it. From unbelievably colorful melodies to the power that’s equally gripping and unyielding to the raw talent that’s oozing out of every single second, “Djinn” is something that I can only hope you will investigate for if you go into it with an open mind you’ll emerge forth an hour later with something that you won’t soon forget.

It’s truly something special that will undoubtedly make many year-end lists so long as everyone is in the right state of mind when that time comes around, and I’ll be downright furious if it’s not the case. I will absolutely come crawling back to what “Djinn” has achieved in every single way and Uada has crafted what’s more than likely their magnum opus up to this point, which makes me even more excited to see what else they can produce down the road. But, that’s a wonder for another day for it’s for the next long while that “Djinn” will be the album to know when Uada is considered, and rightfully so.

“Djinn” releases on September 25th via Eisenwald!

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