Elmsfire – Wings of Reckoning

There’s a true cheesy wonder to be had when the worlds of power metal and heavy metal are brought together for some hijinks that can just as easily be incredibly serious as immensely ridiculous. It’s not terribly often anymore that they’re paired in such a manner that;’s respectable, but the odd band will, eventually, come around and deliver a sound that just doesn’t come around nearly as often as it should. I wasn’t expecting to come across such a creation when I hit play on the forthcoming effort from Elmsfire, but that’s what I was given in stunning quality.

With such an array of descriptions that this album could be given, overly cheesy is surprisingly not one of them despite this exact sound being the very definition of a breeding ground for that good high-class cheese that many of us could sink our teeth right into. “Wings of Reckoning” draws on both wells that each respective style has grown over decades of excellence yet neither of them overpowers the other as Elmsfire does a wondrous job at creating a record that’s epic, gripping, and fascinating to listen to in just about every single track as the German act throws down a whopping fourteen here. Combine flavorful story-telling with musicianship that’s somehow packed with even more flavor with plenty of talent to throw around, that’s just the very beginnings of what “Wings of Reckoning” has to offer with that being before you fall into its excellence riffs and undeniably infectious nature that’s at play in virtually every instance. And despite being quite by the numbers when truly everything is taken into account, there’s no way to deny that it’s been done with incredible effectiveness that is absolutely great to partake in no matter what way you approach it from. Elmsfire didn’t really do much to make themselves stand out from the rest of the scene that sounds amazingly similar, but that didn’t stop them from absolutely smashing the competition with everything that “Wings of Reckoning” brings to the table.

It’s not often enough anymore that I find myself listening to much power metal because of how boring the style can sound with many bands just copy-pasting without making the material sound interesting whatsoever, but that couldn’t be any further from the case with what Elmsfire has done here. So much of “Wings of Reckoning” is what we need more of throughout the style’s inhabitants, and I hope it spreads far and wide.

“Wings of Reckoning” releases on September 25th!

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