Elephant Tree – Habits

I remember when I was first coming around to the glorious style that is heavy psych and everything closely related to it that Elephant Tree put out a massive album that caught all sorts of well-deserved accolades. It really seemed like everyone who had heard it loved it to death making it feel like the new standard in a scene that I was just entering. A landmark release to say in the least, it still pops up on Bandcamp to this day. I still haven’t listened to it. It’s just one of those albums that I haven’t gotten around to, but when I saw “Habits” I simply couldn’t let that happen again.

This is that special brand of heaviness that only the wide and deep realm of heavy psych could ever produce from how all-encompassing the sound is when it comes to how flavorful it is even in its smallest moments and how enrapturing it all as soon as you hit that play button. Very few styles are able to make you feel like you’re properly flying through clouds of space dust as your brain is filled with pure elation with everything that’s brought forth for “Habits” that easily sets it apart from a lot of the competition that Elephant Tree may have. It goes without saying that this band has been one of the need-to-know acts of their style at least ever since the predecessor to “Habits” was released, but it’s here that their placement should be all but cemented. There isn’t a single track that’s done here that isn’t astonishingly immaculate in every way as Elephant Tree constantly shows to us that they’re clear masters of their craft from gorgeous psychedelia, transcendent melodies, fabulous heaviness, and unquestionable talent gracing every second of these eight tracks. They’re always intermingling with one another as each as their own time to shine either alone or in conjunction with any number of the other to create this amazingly layered listen that’s just so immensely satisfying to dive into as the waves of grandeur are extremely expansive in nature to the point where you cannot help whatsoever to lose yourself in the never-ending euphoria that “Habits” is continuously producing.

There has been an absolute plethora of quality heavy psych this year, and Elephant Tree is the latest to blow expectations right out of the water through immense talent and supreme musicianship to lead their country when it comes to their representation in the scene. “Habits” is a much deeper listen with so much excellence to be had within its depths that it’s still bewildering me after several, several listens and I’ll be truly shocked – disappointed, more than likely – if this does not appear on the end-year lists of the many purveyors of this style.

LISTEN to “Habits” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elephant Tree on Facebook here.

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