Moloch Conspiracy – Incantatios from Ugarit

There have been many times when I go to sit down and listen to some fresh ambient works to, hopefully, find myself lost in a unique wordless world that’s constantly changing with something as simple as one night or even the rare inclusion of a vocal presence. Very few acts have had as much of a lasting impact on me as what Moloch Conspiracy has done over several appearances and releases. It’s an act that I almost always seem to find myself crawling back to time and again, and that time has come yet again. Despite being nothing to scoff at before, it’s possible this effort is my favorite from the French powerhouse.

What stands “Incantatios from Ugarit” apart from the rest of everything that comes before it in the ever-expanding history of Moloch Conspiracy is that it’s very much grounded in realism and mysticism as well as story-telling in such high fashion that it makes the entirety of this album something that I had to go back and listen to a few times over in order to be sure I could absorb every worthy morsel that I could. And while all of those elements may be found throughout all of the releases from Moloch Conspiracy, it is undoubtedly this effort that incorporates them the most as well as them all being down the most masterfully. There isn’t a single track throughout the whole of “Incantatios from Ugarit” that didn’t have me wondering as to what exactly was going to come next whether it was small noises from an abandoned streetside at night as the rats skitter from one empty food stand to the next or indistinct haunting choirs in the distance that pierces the night air, and it’s everything else in between that Moloch Conspiracy does devilishly well. It’s gripping right from the very beginning as the record progresses like a delicious slow burn the likes of which only the ambient world can accomplish, and Moloch Conspiracy has a clear understanding of how to pull it off without so much as a sweat. Everything about “Incantatios from Ugarit” exudes excellence with so much flavor that it’s hard to deny the brilliant favor it comes in along with how strong all of them are, and that’s just the beginning of what these seven tracks have to offer if you’re the sort of ambient fan that is even the least bit interested in this sort of this which you absolutely should be.

An ambient work like this that’s able to always deliver when to comes to quality and then proceed to always keep me guessing as to what precisely is coming next is something that I rarely find, and it’s only fitting that Moloch Conspiracy was able to execute just such a creation. All the necessary elements for greatness can be found in every single minute of “Incantatios from Ugarit”, and I can’t wait to experience them time and time again.

LISTEN to “Incantatios from Ugarit” on Bandcamp here.

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