Damned to Downfall – Born to Breed

A death metal EP that ultimately doesn’t do anything new and is constantly trying to quick and concise in just about every instance really feels to be a dime a dozen in today’s climate, and that’s because there’s just so many. It’s difficult to sift through them all in order to find one that’s actually worth the time to see down and at least listen to where you’ll likely hear at least five others that are downright boring. Damned to Downfall still has some way to go before they’re to be considered anything really awesome, but their debut EP is anything but boring.

The old school formula is absolutely a tried and true formula that has led thousands upon thousands of small acts to create works of brutality that aren’t to be fucked with even if that work is something that we’ve heard before from many other bands that have come before them with their own albums that follow the same mindset. Damned to Downfall falls in such a range, I feel that’s more than safe to say, but “Born to Breed” is definitely one of those morsels that makes it worth the time of the listener. There isn’t a single second wasted here across these four tracks as this duo constantly slays from one track to the next with voracious riffage and bloodthirsty attitudes that permeate each note that’s to be found within the bleeding confines of “Born to Breed”. It’s all brought together with a voracious bloodthirst that makes Damned to Downfall to feel all the more authentic in its old school excellence as this band downright does the classic formula justice as they as no less than utterly violent without exception, despite there being plenty of room for improvement like many of the band of this variety.

“Born to Breed” is absolutely headed in the right direction, I feel that much is obvious without me even having to say it. So much energy coupled with a bloodthirsty attitude makes for a release that qualifies for something mildly interesting for death metal of all kinds, but to do it even half well is to cross a special threshold that shows people you’re more than capable of what you’re doing. Damned to Downfall has only just barely stepped over that line with this debut, and I truly do hope to see them take bolder strides going forward.

LISTEN to “Born to Breed” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Damned to Downfall on Facebook here.

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